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The Smile Experiment April 29, 2014

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One day last week, I set myself a little task: to look everyone I passed in the eye and smile at them, just to see the reaction. And that particular day was perfect because I had beaucoup errands to run, everyplace from the wee Post Office in the local Hallmark store, to the Salvation Army drop-off, Walgreens…you name it. I was busy. I passed a large sampling of people.

You know what? With the exception of  a couple grouchies who likely thought I was a loopy imbecile, everyone smiled back. And then it seemed that they smiled at the next person they passed (when I was in a position to be able to see them passing someone else, that is.).

It was a delightful experiment; I think I’ll keep it up.

BTW, You may have noticed I had a password protected post yesterday. It was a short story for a writing class I was taking, and am not ready to launch into the world yet. At any rate, no more passwords for now. Thanks! 🙂


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