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By the sea, part II March 10, 2011

The weather was extraordinary...

Okay, this is the life. And yes, I admit to being spoiled. Just back from gorgeous Jupiter, Florida, and my wonderful parents’s even more gorgeous condo on the Atlantic. Right on the beach. Yes, I’ll say it again…I’m spoiled.

What could be better than a day at the beach?

Honestly though, it was a perfect break from the rat race out here in the valley; the Bug had been sick for weeks with something or other that even her uber-smart doctor couldn’t figure out. Two blood tests (one even for mono) and still nothing. Final conclusion was that she started with one thing and every time we went to the doctor, she picked up something else. Makes me think I should just avoid the doctor. Funny, that. At least she’s all better now, though I have a suspicion she caught a cold on the plane ride home…sigh.

Lots of other things have been going on in the meantime.

Stitches West, for one thing. And it was okay, this year. But just okay. I’d show you all what I snagged, but really all I picked up were a couple skeins of Blue Moon Socks That Rock sock yarn, and a skein of Blue Moon Geisha in an okay color that Bug talked me into. I had a great class with Sandi Rosner. Very enjoyable except for the cranky women who complained about the lace chart she had us work. Hey, it’s a class–you’re supposed to try new stuff here.

Oh yes, and I did snag a couple of silk “mawatas” from a SF store called Carolina Homespun. They sell a rockin’ assortment of spinning wheels, but I must say that sitting behind the wheel for about a half an hour and trying to get the hang of it (and the dear woman who helped me was soooo patient), cured me of wanting my own spinning wheel. At least for now.

No, I couldn’t tell you if Stitches West was just okay this year because Madrona Fibre Festival was the same weekend (yes, I realize it was in Tacoma, but the big name teachers (Cat Bordhi, Stephanie Pearl-McFee, Franklin Habit, Jared Flood, Sally Melville, Nancy Bush, Evelyn Clark…you get the idea) were all there, including many of my favorite sellers who are usually at Stitches West); perhaps I wasn’t overly impressed this time because I have like, 60 skeins of fabulous undyed yarn waiting for me to make them into pretty colors. I can’t wait to dye the BFL/silk blend fingering weight, and this other amazing baby alpaca/silk/cashmere lace weight along with the merino cashmere, and plain ole merino fingering weights…hopefully later this month or early next month. I have some “studio” logistics to work out. Better get a move on! This stuff is gor-ge-ous!

Not even halfway, yet.

But while I was in Florida I was happy to get started on my Luscious Herringbone Cowl. It’s going slowly because I’ve been so busy since we got back that I can barely churn out a couple of rows at night before I’m too pooped to go on.

I’m sorry to sound like I’m whining. I’m not. I just wish I could sit and knit and knit. I want to finish my UFOs before it gets too warm to wear ’em!

Meanwhile, I think I’ll just sit back and try to remember how great it was to hang out by the sea and let the world go by for just a little while. I few more pictures below…

A balcony view...where's Romeo when you need him?


By the pool. Up the stairs and across the road to the beach!

That is not a big blue condom. Yes, I said condom. It is a jellyfish and one of about a bizillion that'd washed up on shore.

Even the lizards like Worth Avenue

I could get used to this...




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