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Busy as a bee… June 16, 2014

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Early morning in the garden...

Early morning in the garden…

Hi there, dear friends! I hope you are all finally enjoying a lovely, relaxing summer after a loooong winter. For my knitting friends, I know many didn’t terribly mind the long stretch of cold days, because that meant more time to knit large woolen objects. Still, I know enough is enough.

Here, for the last few weeks the weather was, and has continued to be, rather bipolar: 3 days hot as hell (90+ degrees high), followed rapidly by 2 or 3 relatively cool days (72 to 75 degree days). Highs normally average around 76 delightful degrees all summer long until we hit Labor Day. Then the heat kicks in for a few weeks of “I can’t take it anymore,” highs of 90 to 100+. Drives me crazy.

The good side of this warm weather, for me anyway, is that Captain Romance helped me put in a couple of Square Foot Garden beds in the back.DSCN0036

We had to have the evil dead tangerine tree, also know as the Black Squirrel’s Juice Bar, cut down. But at long last I think we finally might have a spot in the yard sunny enough for tomatoes and peppers and my favorite Roma beans. Oh my, have you ever tried Roma beans? They’re flat, meaty, and fresh from the garden, they’re a-freakin’-mazing lightly steamed with a drizzle of butter and a sprinkle of salt. I could live on them. Thanks to the warm weather last week they’re sprouting today, a couple of days earlier than I expected!

I also love how they grow on a bush, so they don’t need to have a support, and are super prolific. Luckily they freeze really well.

What do you guys like to grow in your neck of the woods? I’d love to hear.


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