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Househole Duties April 7, 2014

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Hello, my darlings!

Been ages since I posted, and I must say how I’ve missed it.

Briefly, my sweet mother had some health problems and I was back home to help out for a bit, and when returned here, there was mucho catching up to do.

Funny how it all snowballs, though. While I caught up around here with the life stuff I needed to do, the house turned into a hell hole…well figuratively speaking, anyway. It’s always been amazing to me to see that a little neglect goes a long way. Let’s start at the nexus of the house: the kitchen desk. Oh evil bane of my pretend Donna Reed existence. What is it about this rectangle of engineered quartz that attracts crap from every being in this house? Yes, “beings.” I have found shed cat claws and whiskers on this desk. As long as mail is being delivered to this house, this surface will be covered in little piles of paper.



I took this “clutter quiz” once and found that I am a “stacker.” No kidding. (insert eye roll here) My other issue is that I tend to collect paper stuff, like carry out menus and business cards. I can’t tell you how many “frequent buyer cards” I have that are partially filled–many from the same establishment, although I think none of them are valid any longer. So it should be simple to clean this, right? Right.

Not  very welcoming guest room, if you ask me.

Not a very welcoming guest room, if you ask me.







The guest room is another problem area. When you have no basement, and no attic, where do you put the out of season stuff like winter coats and extra blankets? I do give oodles of clothes and bed linens away, but I must tell you that sometimes I wish I hadn’t given certain things away so quickly. You know, old worn out sheets make pretty decent drop cloths for painting. And on my recent trek to Chicago to help my folks out, I had to borrow a warm coat from my mother. Not complaining; just saying, is all. So when faced with the guest room…well, what the heck do I do with this stuff? Where do I put the portable air conditioner? The garage, right? Sorry, the garage is where we keep Christmas decorations, 3 litter boxes, large packages from Costco, my huge pots for dyeing yarn, and the rest of all that stupid garage stuff.

I do not want my life filled with crap stuff. But I want to be able to keep some of it. Or at least not be forced to give it all up because I can’t fit it. What about family history? That’s what basements and attics are for, and because most of the houses here have no basements and only tiny attics (we have neither), people have to park in the streets–their garages are full up of their family’s legacy.

But I digress, as usual.

The guest room is currently the home for old bed linens (World Market just had an amazing sale, and I needed to pout our 10 year old bedspread out to pasture) while I slowly detach myself from them. The thing is, what if I donate it and a few weeks later decide that the new bedspread isn’t working? Then what? Do I Goodwill hop in search of my old stuff? That doesn’t work anyway–

Words escape me...

Words escape me…

I think they scatter our donations far and wide. I accidentally donated 3 small plates to Goodwill during our epic renovation, and try as I might, I never found them. I hope they like their new home.

So that room needs a big ole cleaning.

I am skipping over the teenager’s room. Besides the fact I don’t want to invade her “privacy” or embarrass her, I decided that my numero uno New Year’s resolution was that I will not waste one more day of my already rapidly being spent life cleaning her room. So I will hold my nose and close that door.

But the room at the end of the hall, well that’s another story. If you have any sort of artistic pursuits, you understand “the office.” Actually, nowadays it’s more like “the cat bathroom.” Been trying for years to think of it as “the studio.” No such luck. Between the litter dust on nearly everything that’s exposed, all the chaos of stuff stacked everywhere, and having to share the room with other people, it’s my least favorite room in the house. If we had a basement, so much of this stuff would be there, all organized nicely on shelves. Shelves with doors. Ah yes, cabinets, even. I’d put in all the junk shoved in here: my sewing machine, my metal smithing and Precious Metal Clay (PMC) supplies, old paperwork, and old drawings.

Ah well, goin’ in. I just need a shovel, a bunch of garbage bags, and one of those psychologists from “Hoarders.” Wish me luck. LOL 😉

Do you have one of those rooms?

Ah, the wisdom of the sign makers at JoAnns Fabrics... ironically, they are trying to sell you more crap to cram into your life.

Ah, the wisdom of the sign makers at JoAnns Fabrics…
ironically, they are trying to sell you more crap to cram into your life.



What I should be doing today vs. what I want to be doing January 31, 2012

It generally goes like this, especially this time of year…

I should be:

In a house without a basement, can this room ever stay clean?!

  1. Reorganizing the “office/studio/cat bathroom foyer” so I have someplace to take new jewelry photos (yes indeed, see that little cat flap door there in the middle of the shot?),

2. Inputing my jewelry-making/yarn dyeing expenses so we can send our tax stuff to the amazing Victor,

Paper work...yawn.

3. Doing general houseworky things (though that’ll get done after I’m done writing here–I cannot stand an unmade bed!!).

Instead, I’d rather be watching the latest DVR’d episode of “Hoarders” and:

1. Casting on for this gorgeous new sweater pattern from “Knit, Swirl.” Unbelievable. Met the delightful designer and tried on her sample sweater and was instantly smitten,

2. Finishing this pair of cabled mitts I just designed and am calling “Anam Cara” (more on that during another post)(also using my hand-dyed yarn),

Knitting all those cables on the sweater made me want to do more!

3.Spinning! Yes, I finally broke down and got this gorgeous handmade wheel from a fellow Etsy seller, Scott Mack of Overland Handcraft. I took a private lesson from the charming and talented Sandy at Purlescence Yarn, my LYS, and am having a grand time of it.

At least I’ve finally focused over the last couple of weeks and finished my “Global Cables Coat” and report that I’ve been happily keeping myself cozy inside of it. Not that I didn’t have some issues with the collar, but the designer, Jen Hagan cleared it all up for me and I reworked the collar and it looks far better.

I must say that although I really love the knitting book ” Brave New Knits,” if you decide to make any one of the fab patterns, I’d recommend doing your due diligence checking for errata on Ravelry. Both patterns I’ve made so far, the Orchid Thief Shawl and the Global Cables Coat, have some serious errata, and the errata on the website doesn’t even mention the coat’s collar issue. 

Well, I suppose I’d better get a move on…

**BTW, I just want to apologize for the way this page laid itself out. I used a new blog feature that, IMHO, did not work the way I thought it would. Sorry for any reading difficulty, and thanks for stopping by!


I beg your pardon… June 5, 2010

Of course it had to be this finger.

…I do not mean to be saying what it looks like I’m saying.  It’s just a sprain, and evidence that lately I cannot multi-task with any degree of success. How it happened is not important. It’s just another day in my life, lately. And frankly, it’s not pretty.

In fact, this will not be a pretty blog, full of pretty blog pictures like so many I read.

This post is sort of a testament that I still have much much to do in here.

How embarrassing is this?

And outside.

There is flotsam and jetsam tucked here and there.

It’s in corners, but mostly it’s stacked on flat surfaces.

I learned once from watching one of those home organization shows that I am a “stacker.” No, not a slacker, a stacker. So true. I organize by making little piles of stuff, and then spreading them out across a flat surface. My kind of disorganization is supposedly remedied by “horizontal filing.” So what I bought to tidy myself up was one of those stacks of trays that allow you to have multiple stacks of stuff in one desktop footprint. I did this in my studio space and I must admit it worked pretty well. However, now those trays are inaccessible and frankly, would need to go to the ceiling to do any good.

There is nothing I can say about this...


And the POD. Oh Evil POD that hides your stuff away and lulls you into thinking that all you see inside your house is all you have. Especially evil because in this land of no basements (and in Eichlers, no attics, either), what you see is indeed, what you have to contend with. Oh POD, I despise you.

And as you all can see, here is evidence that there absolutely is even more crapola stuff to cram into whatever space I can find put away in our little house (even though there are are a fair number of empty, unbroken-down-yet boxes in there).

The only answer is the garage. And today is the annual “Get it the heck outta my life” day. Yes, of course I try to regularly dump stuff from the garage, but I’m at the point where I need CR’s muscles. And besides, some of this stuff is his and I don’t want to make any decisions on his stuff. But the bulk of it is “ours” and indeed, quite a lot of it is the Bug’s. As she is getting older and (finally) parting with her stuffed animal collection and toys, the garage is the first stage of releasing it. Instead of just clearing everything in her room and giving what we clear directly to Goodwill, it goes into plastic bags and gets put on the shelf in the garage for 3 months. If she hasn’t asked for it by that time, then it goes so that some other kid will be able to love it.

Anyway, I’m off to tackle this stuff. Wish me luck. Hopefully I won’t sprain the other hand in the process.


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