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Decisions, decisions. Again. May 22, 2015

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Quill Shawl using Rovings Polwarth Silk fingering, Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL fingering, and Madelinetosh Tosh merono light

Quill Shawl using Rovings Polwarth Silk fingering, Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL fingering, and Madelinetosh Tosh merino light

What to bring on a trip always gets me in a dither. Here’s one of the places in my life where being organized is key to not making my head explode. I admit it—I start a list of what to bring the moment I make the plane reservations. It’s a list that has a hallowed spot on the little table beside the “chair,” a pencil alwaysalways resting at the ready on top. Oh yes, and I check the weather at my destination twice daily using my Yahoo weather app. I love to be prepared.

You can’t imagine the cranial chaos that ensues for me when Captain Romance suggests a spur of the moment overnighter. I used to be spontaneous. I used to be able to throw a few things (usually all black), makeup, some not-sensible shoes, and some fabulous earrings into a weekender and flit out the door. I blame motherhood.

After Bug was born I learned that if I wasn’t prepared for all diapering/clothing/hunger/thirst/boredom/stuffed animal emergencies and had diapers & wipes/a complete second outfit/cheerios/water/crayons, paper, chunky picture books/blue puppy and “beanie baby of the day” in my backpack, I would pay, and pay dearly for my foolish forgetfulness. Even if you don’t have a kid, you’ve probably seen the parent in the restaurant/plane who didn’t prep for this and the sad consequences that occur. And unfortunately everyone in the vicinity has to suffer share in the experience. But I’ve gone off on a tangent, as usual. Sorry.

As a knitter, this crazy “what to bring” list takes on a whole new dimension. I will confess to having some 600+ items in my Ravelry queue. But in my own defense, my queue consists of what I’d love to knit, not necessarily what I will absolutely knit. I tend to “fave” lots of projects because they’re lovely or helpful, and if I put those pieces I’d really like to knit in that favorites list, I’d never remember which ones they were.

Anyway, since I’m headed off to Squam (!!!), I must decide what to bring. It must be the sort of thing that can be knitted during lots of conversation(no lace), something that can be started and stopped easily (again, no lace), but not something that requires I drag lots of yarn along, like all the cardigans currently in my WIPs (works in progress). This narrows the field considerably to the following items: plainish shawls, mitts, socks, scarves.

Well, let’s knock the scarves right off the list to begin with. Scarves—unless they’re knit from something bulkyish—just bore me out of my brains. Well, except for that “mini mania” scarf. That’s one I’m dying to make…but I think not for “in public knitting.” I’d screw it up!

Can't wait to play with this!

Can’t wait to play with this!

So after scrolling through the list and going through the prodigious stash, I’ve decided to do these two things: Quill, a lovely shawl that’s a huge chunk of garter in the center—practically perfect for knitting and chatting. But a wise knitter knows to bring a spare project, just in case: using this amazing knitting algorithm idea by Statnerd on Ravelry, and this lovely basic arm warmers/mitts pattern from Fairieisle on Ravelry, I’m gonna attempt (attempt, mind you) a planned pooling project with this gorgeous Miss Babs Yummy “Cleopatra.” I’ll have to play with a swatch, first, but it’ll be a fun experiment, and perhaps if I’m lucky, there will be some “planned pooling” experts at Squam.


Check out my Stash! August 28, 2014

Pssst–c’mere! I got somethin’ to show ya…

IMG_1845So last time, I posted, I got a wonderful suggestion from one of my BFFITW to share what I snagged at The Fold. Unfortunately it was just days before the Bug went back to school (lordy, she’s a sophomore!), and with all the back to school shopping extras and parents’s back to school night to meet the teachers, giving the house a really good cleaning, and finishing my novel “Lore” (insert insane, happy dance here), I haven’t had a chance. So here it is: my wooly goodness from The Fold!

IMG_1936First up–2 heart-stoppingly soft skeins of an indie brand: Rovings, fingering weight in Polwarth and silk. This is slated for a shawl I’ve been craving for ages: Quill, which is a lovely square shawl by Jared Flood with feather and fan edges.IMG_1937

I’m not absolutely certain, however, that I will actually ever make this shawl, as my past experiences with Mr. Flood’s patterns have left me feeling dazed and confused, as well as incapable. I might instead create my own circular shawl pattern using skills I learned last spring at Stitches West and Myra Wood’s way cool class “Crazy as Pi.”

Whatever I do must do it justice, though, as Toni Neil tells me the lady who makes this yarn is not going to be doing so for much longer…sigh.


Second–So, I’ve jumped on the “gradient” bandwagon with this purchase, I suppose. IMG_1940Wonderland Yarns “Mad Hatter” (quite apropos colorway name for moi, I must say…)

But I truly couldn’t resist this package of my favorite shades…gorgeous lipstick and bloody magenta to bordeaux and rich cocoa. I think these There and back again socks might be interesting, or perhaps these lovely mitts. I love them except for the ribbed bottom. I generally despise ribbing. I think changing the ribs to seed stitch or a picot edge would have to be done. Anyone have any other suggestions?IMG_1941






IMG_1932Next bit of yarn love is this fuzzy, softy, heavenly blue Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Fingering in an amazing color blue–“The Winter Blues.” It told me it wanted to be Henslowe, and so it shall be.

The final two skeins of my stash pig out are quite simply Malabrigo Finito, which is the most fabulous, buttered kittens superfine merino I’ve ever touched. If you’ve ever rubbed this against your face, you understand. This color is “Mostaza,” and frankly I’ve been searching for it so I can shamelessly copy this: Heart of the Lotus–the “delicate” version. I know the color is unusual, however like the designer, this acid green is a neutral for me.IMG_1934

I think my knitting needles of mine will be busy this winter…;)

If anyone has any other ideas, or would like to share what they’re working on, please share…I’d love to know!


Gone Fishing… August 11, 2014

That's the biggest walleye I ever caught! Okay, it's also the only walleye I ever caught! ;)

That’s the biggest walleye I ever caught! Okay, it’s also the only walleye I’ve ever caught! 😉

Appalling, isnt’ it? Someone just up and leaves without even a “howdy-do?” I just hate that.

Guilty, sir.

I’ve been gone without a trace all because Bug and I have been off on our annual summer trip to Chicagoland, which this year included a wonderful trip to the Minnesota Boundary Waters for a relaxing fishing trip with Captain Romance.

Aww...I hate when they go to visit Momma and Poppa!

Aww…I hate when they go to visit Momma and Poppa!

Common sense would dictate that I break this post into several smaller ones. We’ll see about that.

Common sense would also suggest that I recount our trip in chronological order, and for the sake of my sanity, I will do that.

**warning** photo heavy blog follows. Just wanted to let you know.

As I said, we began our summer adventure with a trip back to the Chicago burbs for lots of family visiting, r&r, sleepovers aplenty, and even some knitting and writing time, a ladies luncheon, and the magnificent annual yarn crawl with my Darling Cuz!

Starting with a marvelous Ladies Only Luncheon hosted by my delightful Aunt Wheezy, mother of Darling Cuz. We met up at her beautiful new home where we all feasted, gabbed, laughed, and reminisced the day away. So much fun!


Left to right: Momma, Grandma Caroline, Aunt Wheezy

Left to right: Momma, Grandma Caroline, Aunt Wheezy

And because cameras are kryptonite to this bunch, I submit this great vintage shot of my Momma (age 20?), Grandma Caroline, and Aunt Wheezy (age 17?) brought to the luncheon by their younger sis, my lovely Aunt Nancy. Aren’t they cute?

After a couple of days recuperation, it was time for a day I wait for all year long: The 5th (6th?) Annual Yarn Crawl with my original BFF, Darling Cuz! We’ve been besties since we were wee nippers in diapers, and this trip is always a great way for the two of us have some uninterrupted “cousin time.”






We made it!

We made it!

This year, due to various time constraints, previous obligations, and a sick Bug, we only made one stop: The Fold in Marengo, IL. But this was no problem, for to me, The Fold is the Holy Grail of yarn stores. Yes, it is nearly a one hour drive through corn fields on single lane highways (which doesn’t bother me a bit ’cause I love the Illinois countryside beyond words…besides, DC was doing the driving), but it so totally worth going. Between the absolutely charming and friendly owner, Toni Neil, and her fabulous selection of yarns–walls of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Mountain Colors to Madelinetosh and Malabrigo as well as indie dyers and spinners–we always leave, happy, laughing, and arms full of wool. I actually save up for this trip. No kidding, because I always find unique yarns. And if you’re a spinner…oh my stars. The selection of spinning fibers are to dye for–Toni has stocked some of the most unique spinning fiber I’ve ever seen. Go to The Fold. Go. It is a knitter’s (and fiber-lover’s) paradise.IMG_1848

A few days later CR joined us at my parent’s and after a couple of days of visiting and touring (hello Geneva with brother Davy), he whisked us away to the wilderness boundary waters of northern Minnesota.We landed in Duluth (what a pretty place on the shores of Lake Superior), rented a car, and drove for a few hours to Gunflint Lodge, just about an hour north of Grand Marais, MN. Captain Romance took a canoe trip with his own besties a couple of years ago and used these folks as his outfitter and loved them.


The Lodge

The Lodge

I, as you all know, am not a camper or backpacker, so Gunflint’s pretty Lodge and cabins right on the lake were perfect for me (a Super 8 motel is my idea of roughing it, as they say); the grounds were beautiful, and our cabin was even haunted. Yes, I said haunted. More on that another time, perhaps. (winkwink)

The entire place was so relaxing! With hardly any wifi to speak of (you could only get the wifi I you perched on a certain couch in the lodge, and then you were only allowed to read emails. period. No posting of any kind), and absolutely no cell service, you had no other choice but to relax.

A great spot just down a hill from the cottage for enjoying a cold one or a gin and tonic!

A great spot just down a hill from the cottage for enjoying a cold one or a gin and tonic!


I was able to get a whole bunch of writing and knitting time in, which just thrilled me to no end. Plus, CR spoiled me with their meal plan (and the food was fab), since he knows that cooking and dishwashing on any trip make it “not a vacation” to me. Wise man. Yet another reason we’ve been married 25 years. 😉 We even tossed around the idea of buying a little place up there for our golden years.


A decent northern!

A decent northern!

We spent one morning on horseback, riding a trail with breathtaking view of Gunflint Lake. But probably the best part of our MN trip was the fishing! Yes, we really were “gone fishing.” CR treated us to a day’s fishing with a fantastic guide–Rodger–who not only had fish practically leaping into the boat for us, but was so much fun, that we laughed the entire time. I myself was lucky enough to catch one of each kind of sport fish in the huge lake we were on (Rodger said it was “21 miles long, with an island for every day of the year”): a big lake trout, a few big smallmouth bass, a decent size northern pike, and my trophy fish, a 26″ (?) walleye! And don’t worry; we only do catch and release. We never have reason to keep them, no matter how great they are.

Bug and CR got in on the great fishing action, too–Bug even got what I like to call “smallie thumb” which is when your thumb gets all scraped up and feels like velcro from holding your bass up for their pictures.

A smallmouth (one of many) for Bug

A smallmouth (one of many) for Bug





I wasn't kidding about that walleye!

I wasn’t kidding about that walleye!

At the end of the week on our way back to the airport, we stopped in the charming town of Grand Marais, a place just “packed to the gills” (okay, I couldn’t help myself) with cute little gift shops and the like. And frankly, where else could you find a shop that has a godzilla-size walleye sticking out of it? Well, okay…maybe in Wisconsin. Anyway, look what I found in one of the shops:IMG_1894


It’s a CD by a dear friend of ours, Andrea Carlson! So we bought it, of course! 🙂 And it’s wonderful!





IMG_1895Oh yes, and I also found a yarn store there. Like a fishing guide finds fish, I find yarn. Too bad for them they were closed, though I certainly didn’t want or need yarn after my trip to The Fold. 😉

Believe me, they chose the wrong day for the late opening...

Believe me, they chose the wrong day for the late opening…

And then, even though there were 2 flights and lots of running to catch flights, we were home.

I miss it already.

(A few more fishing and lodge shots below)

A great smallie for CR!

A great smallie for CR!








The pole's bending again!

The pole’s bending again!




View from our cabin

View from our cabin



Have you any wool July 13, 2014

Lovely little piles of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Miss Babs Yummy, Cosmic, and Yet, Handmaiden Silk Sock, Sea Sock, and Posh Hannah

Lovely little piles of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Miss Babs Yummy, Cosmic, and Yet, Handmaiden Silk Sock, Sea Sock, and Posh Hannah

To me, there is little that is more satisfying than a stack of small cakes of merino (or if I’m very lucky, merino and silk blend, too) just waiting to become a shawl, or some mitts, or a pair of colorful socks. Sort of the equivalent of having a well-stocked pantry. So today, after the house was all tidy, I pulled out a bunch of skeins (some of which have been in my storage tubs for years), my yarn swift and ball winder (now, now), checked out what shows have been languishing on the DVR, and started winding.

After about two and a half hours I was finished; I had 15 lovely skeins of fingering weight and lace weight yarn all neatly wound with, miraculously, not a single tangling disaster. Even with the all the silk I was winding.

Anyway, here’s the result of my little party. Rather an embarrassment of riches, with an obvious penchant for pink. Especially Handmaiden’s Sangria, which I have in nearly every single fingering weight base they dye because I love the color so much. Well, I’ve never hidden the fact I have SABLE (StashAccumulationBeyondLifeExpectancy) issues. But now that these goodies are all wound, it’ll be easy to open a ziploc or a tub and pull one out to make something fabulous.



Weaving in Loose Ends August 27, 2013

Well, it’s been awhile, but I promise, I’ve been so busy I’m lucky to have clean clothes and a fed family most days. Thank God for the “quick cycle” and the CrockPot.

Since we’ve last met:

Only in San Francisco Airport. I mean, it's a good idea. Still, where else...

Only in San Francisco Airport. I mean, it’s a good idea. Still, where else…

Bug and I ran out to Chi-town for a lightning-quick summer trip.

There I happily spent time with my dear parents, my adorable Sista and kiddos, my Bro and darling SIL, and (squee!) a wee bit (never enough though!) of time together with my BFFs Darling Cuz, and Meggie, knitting and gabbing. Oh yes, and there was that super delightful “cousin road trip” my Darling Cuz and I take every summer to my all time favorite yarn store on the planet, The Fold in far off Marengo, Illinois. Toni is an absolute gem–the best purveyor of fiber-related goods on this planet. She carries a wonderful collection of Blue Moon Fiber, Madelintosh, and Mountain Colors, along with some of the usual yarny brands. And if you spin, then baby, this is the place for you! OMG, the lovely bags of roving, including many many unique and rare kinds of fleece. Fabulous. But it’s not just what she carries,  but it’s her delightful personality and winning customer service. While we were there, not only did she let us shop the Blue Moon she had in her garage ready to be loaded into her van for Stitches Midwest (which we weren’t going to go to), but she tracked down a new shawl knitting book for my mother, even though I didn’t recall the name. Like I said, she’s a doll. Well worth the trip to Marengo. And to me the drive out’s a special treat, since I love roaring down the road with fields of corn on either side of me.

Here's just a wee taste. I just love the instant gratification of buying BMF Socks that Rock at the Fold. If you order it from their website, it takes up to a month to get it. :(

Here’s just a wee taste. I just love the instant gratification of buying BMF Socks that Rock at the Fold. If you order it from their website, it takes up to a month to get it. 😦

Here’s a little peek at one of the souvenirs I picked up there.





The Jaunty Cowl, as modeled by Bug

The Jaunty Cowl, as modeled by Bug














I finished and entered my “jaunty cowl” to the Uncommon Goods winter accessory competition.

This is the hand-felted, "corsage" pin, removable so the cowl can be washed. Made of Dream in Color Yarn

This is the hand-felted, “corsage” pin, removable so the cowl can be washed. Made of Dream in Color Yarn


They didn’t want it, but I thought it was adorable anyway. Ah well. If I get ambitious, I may turn it into a free pattern for here and Ravelry. Here’s what they did like.






Standing in line to register...

Standing in line to register…





Bug started High School. I can say no more. Except that I whipped up this guy for the inside of her first-ever locker.

Meet LaLa McHappypants the Locker Pixie...

Meet LaLa McHappypants the Locker Pixie…

















I finished my second shawl for the “Through the Loops” Summer Shawl Knitalong. Meet Hecate. I am very happy with her, ‘specially since I used stash yarn, namely ElsaWool Cormo fingering for the darker oatmeal-grey bits, some scrumptious handspun alpaca silk from another delightful Illinois country LYS called “Esther’s Place” (:)), and some Madtosh Tosh merino light in a color called “grasshopper.” I have a love/hate thing going with this colorway. In this case I’m happy with it as a pop of color on this purposely rustic-looking shawl.

Hecate by Through the Loops Kirsten Kapur

Hecate by Through the Loops Kirsten KapurThe yarn I won arrived.











Malabrigo sock in "Aguas." Yum.

Malabrigo sock in “Aguas.” Yum.

The yarn I won arrived.





Oh yes, I started photographing (finally) some of my hand-dyed goodies for my new “Absinthe Yarn” Etsy website.

DSC_0039This is some lovely Blue-faced Leceister fingering. More to come on that.

Started another pair of socks…I had to hit the snooze button on that pair of Jaywalkers, especially a shame since I am one measly inch from the toe on the first sock. But I really abhor the pattern. There, I said it. Love the yarn, though. I was thinking of possibly finishing the first, then doing the second in a similar, yet different pattern: Broadripple. This one also has a stinkin’ heel flap, but they fit me better. I know I should just rip them both and try something else, but… 😦

To make up for that, though, and to have as airplane/road trip knitting, I started another pair of “lace panel” socks of my own design. Using Miss Babs 2ply fingering in the delicious, summery shade of “Frog Belly.”

Little Leafies socks. Cast on while waiting to board.

Little Leafies socks. Cast on while waiting to board.

I love saying that, even. This will be “purse knitting” for the upcoming month.

I’ve finally picked up my version of Cinnamon Girl, “Ollalieberry Girl” with an eye toward finishing it sooooooon. I also have another cardi to finish, and then,  onto Darling Emma which has been waiting patiently for me to start on it.

And then…ah well…you know how I am about the beginning of the school year. My mind is swirling through ideas of things to start and finish.

Happy New (School) Year to you, too!


Back to the needles April 7, 2011

First, thank you all for your kind wishes and comforting thoughts regarding the loss of my beautiful mother-in-law. On a sweet note, her birthday was Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, the Bug announced that she’d had a dream the night before where “Grandma was snuggling with me.” All I can say is, that to me, the two had a lovely visit on Granny’s birthday. I just believe that. When you love someone that much, I don’t think they ever really leave us. Gives one pause…and hope that our souls go on.

On that note, did you ever see “Truly, Madly, Deeply” ? Wow. That has to be on my list of top 5 favorite movies ever. And certainly the first that ever truly madly deeply made me cry. And no, the crying had nothing to do with hormones. In a teensy nutshell, Juliet Stevenson is pining away for her lost, dead lover, Alan Rickman. So much so that he comes back to her. Okay, totally modern fantasy. But it truly is a special movie about love, and the people who are left behind after someone dies.

Anyway…I digress, as usual.

I wanted to blather on about knitting projects and sewing projects and my big focus, writing projects.

Okay, I look totally ridiculous, thanks to 82 degree weather and some extreme art direction by my photographer, Bug. Still, I'm pleased as punch about this one.

Happily I finally finished my own Big Herringbone Cowl (yeah! I got it to work). And thanks to my darling cuz who first introduced me to the pattern. Yes, it took me forever, and yes, I’ve missed all the really cold weather, but at least I finished it. Which is more than I can say about my  “Global Cables” Coat. I just took that sucker back out and am once again, really enjoying it. The downside to that project is simply its lack of portability. Hey, I am a girl who’s always on the go; what can I say? 😉 And this is one big-ass (sorry, I said a**; it’s just the best word) project.

But back to the Herringbone Cowl. I really love it. The yarn…oh, the yarn…most aptly named Luscious Single Silk by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Ahhh. It feels like clouds against my neck, and the color is heavenly, for me, anyway.

I know a few of you friends are contemplating or in the midst of this little project, and I’d just like to share a knitter’s little helper that I figured out when I knitted the small version cowl I made for Captain Romance. When you have to rip back, and believe me, there’s a good chance you will, you’ll see that tinking herringbone stitch is a PITA, and free-ripping will drive you insane. Ask me how I know.

Oh yes, to do this most easily you need to use interchangeable needles. A gin and tonic or a nice zinfandel couldn’t hurt, either. Here goes:

Using a new cable, place a US 4 or 5 tip on one end, and a cable end on the other end.

Starting at or just before the stitch you want to rip back to, slide smaller needle behind the front slanted leg of each stitch, going in from left to right. Go all the way around  your knitting until you get back to where you started.
Then remove the working needle at the top of your work and rip away! When you have ripped out to your new cable, replace the smaller needle tip and end with the old working tips. Proceed to knit!

Speaking of gin and tonics, have you seen that new, free sock pattern called, what else, Gin and Tonic? Why didn’t I work out a pattern called that? Anyway, looks like it might have to be on my short list of portable, lightweight, warm-weather projects…

But first, I’m gonna really try to finish what I’ve started, namely that Cabled Coat.

To you Ravelers: What is up with some of those folk who have. like 50 projects on the needles? Listen, I came across one just the other day, so I’m not making that up. Forget wondering how they can afford doing that; where the heck do they keep it all? And my dad calls me Capricious Kathy.

Oh well, on that note…better get to knitting. Got a few projects to finish up.


By the sea, part II March 10, 2011

The weather was extraordinary...

Okay, this is the life. And yes, I admit to being spoiled. Just back from gorgeous Jupiter, Florida, and my wonderful parents’s even more gorgeous condo on the Atlantic. Right on the beach. Yes, I’ll say it again…I’m spoiled.

What could be better than a day at the beach?

Honestly though, it was a perfect break from the rat race out here in the valley; the Bug had been sick for weeks with something or other that even her uber-smart doctor couldn’t figure out. Two blood tests (one even for mono) and still nothing. Final conclusion was that she started with one thing and every time we went to the doctor, she picked up something else. Makes me think I should just avoid the doctor. Funny, that. At least she’s all better now, though I have a suspicion she caught a cold on the plane ride home…sigh.

Lots of other things have been going on in the meantime.

Stitches West, for one thing. And it was okay, this year. But just okay. I’d show you all what I snagged, but really all I picked up were a couple skeins of Blue Moon Socks That Rock sock yarn, and a skein of Blue Moon Geisha in an okay color that Bug talked me into. I had a great class with Sandi Rosner. Very enjoyable except for the cranky women who complained about the lace chart she had us work. Hey, it’s a class–you’re supposed to try new stuff here.

Oh yes, and I did snag a couple of silk “mawatas” from a SF store called Carolina Homespun. They sell a rockin’ assortment of spinning wheels, but I must say that sitting behind the wheel for about a half an hour and trying to get the hang of it (and the dear woman who helped me was soooo patient), cured me of wanting my own spinning wheel. At least for now.

No, I couldn’t tell you if Stitches West was just okay this year because Madrona Fibre Festival was the same weekend (yes, I realize it was in Tacoma, but the big name teachers (Cat Bordhi, Stephanie Pearl-McFee, Franklin Habit, Jared Flood, Sally Melville, Nancy Bush, Evelyn Clark…you get the idea) were all there, including many of my favorite sellers who are usually at Stitches West); perhaps I wasn’t overly impressed this time because I have like, 60 skeins of fabulous undyed yarn waiting for me to make them into pretty colors. I can’t wait to dye the BFL/silk blend fingering weight, and this other amazing baby alpaca/silk/cashmere lace weight along with the merino cashmere, and plain ole merino fingering weights…hopefully later this month or early next month. I have some “studio” logistics to work out. Better get a move on! This stuff is gor-ge-ous!

Not even halfway, yet.

But while I was in Florida I was happy to get started on my Luscious Herringbone Cowl. It’s going slowly because I’ve been so busy since we got back that I can barely churn out a couple of rows at night before I’m too pooped to go on.

I’m sorry to sound like I’m whining. I’m not. I just wish I could sit and knit and knit. I want to finish my UFOs before it gets too warm to wear ’em!

Meanwhile, I think I’ll just sit back and try to remember how great it was to hang out by the sea and let the world go by for just a little while. I few more pictures below…

A balcony view...where's Romeo when you need him?


By the pool. Up the stairs and across the road to the beach!

That is not a big blue condom. Yes, I said condom. It is a jellyfish and one of about a bizillion that'd washed up on shore.

Even the lizards like Worth Avenue

I could get used to this...




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