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About March 23, 2009

A teensy bit about me, k. guttosch…

I’ve always loved exploring the creative corners of my imagination.

When I was, oh, say seven years old, I became bewitched by a book of faery tales. The stories were exciting and in parts, a bit gruesome; I reveled in the fabulously romantic and remarkable illustrations done by a skilled French woman, Adrienne Segur. And the story that kept me awake long after I was forced to turn out the lights was a tale of two sisters, one bad one who was cursed to have snakes and toads fall from her mouth as she spoke, and the good sister from whose lips jewels and pearls fell to surround her feet. It delighted me that this second sister had some major bling to work with, not to mention she would be independently wealthy, as long as she found things to talk about.

Well, of course “real life” doesn’t provide a good income that way for most of us—at least not for me. And so after I grew up I paid the rent by working in the most creative, yet responsible career I could think of: as an advertising writer and creative director. Evenings and hours after midnight were spent pursuing those creative activities of my youth like drawing, writing, knitting and sewing.

Years went by, 17 to be exact, and my dear husband and I were blessed with a precious daughter. I soon realized, however, that being a stay-at-home mom was way more difficult than it looked. It wasn’t long before I found I needed to find a creative way to recharge myself so I could be a good mom.

As I experimented with my long-lost imagination, I rediscovered jewelry-making and metalsmithing from my high school and college years. My love of things sparkly joined my belief in things mystical, and like the faery tale of the two sisters, delightful baubles seemed to flow joyfully from my heart and hands.

You can see my jewelry at

"Complicated" Moss aquamarine & Prehnite

“Complicated” Moss aquamarine & Prehnite

If you like hand-dyed yarn, you can find mine at

I also make rosaries and “prayer wear” at

My ravelry id is: absintheyarn


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi – I am interested in purchasing a necklace you had displayed at Retreat Salon in Los Altos. I just bought some earrings today and was dismayed to see the necklace gone. (Sorry, I can’t email you through etsy – I don’t have the right software setup!) The necklace was labradorite nuggets on a red/blue silk? ribbon. Do you still have that one in your inventory by chance??


  2. Lesli Says:

    Kathy, I am officially addicted to your blog 🙂


  3. I’d forgotten that story about the sisters! I can’t remember what the bad one did to deserve the snakes and toads – maybe she was prone to dropping F-bombs? 😉
    Just been looking at your wonderful bling – I love the way you name each piece after a song.


    • kathy Says:

      Hi Annabelle! Thanks for your kind words and the follow! You’d be certain to be faery-gifted with rubies and pearls instead of toads and snakes…
      That second sister was just a nasty thing, and I’m sure f-bombs were part her vocabulary. Not to mention she made the unwise choice to be disrespectful to a faery disguised as a dirty old hag. 😉


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