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Message from the cats June 22, 2014

Filed under: laughter,life — kathy @ 7:24 pm
I luv mr.Sun

I luv mr.Sun

Pip, here…I not the best typer because my paws are so fluffy, but our person is feel like she got an ole hairball, so LaLa an I r gonna help her out to say hello to you all.

 Lucy’s the name, silly boy, not LaLa. And don’t be dramatic, our person will be better very soon. I’ve already seen her sorting through those tubs of wooly chewy string–you know, the stuff she knots into tubes to wear on her paws. 

Just relaxing...what else should I be doing?

Just relaxing…what else should I be doing?

Right. Look, La, here’s a trick…stare in my eyes…let me Pipnotize you…you will bring me a treat. and a toy…and another treat–

Oh bother…boys are so silly. I think it’s time we all take a little nap.

Okay, okay smartypants. Our person will see u tomorrow. Bye!DSCN0002




2 Responses to “Message from the cats”

  1. Meggie Says:

    This is a purrrrrrfectly silly post, you two kittens! We hope your person r feeling better. In the meantime, here’s a post-Pipnotic suggestion: try your Pipnotizing on doggies not cats. We do it to Piper all the time (she’s our dog). She’s the goofiest dog ever! Oh but sometimes she does nip us. Meow meow meow. ~~ Lilly, Mr. Sass, and Molly


  2. kathy Says:

    Ooh that’s right…I forgot how you kitties love to pipnotize Pip-er! 🙂


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