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Love Haight January 4, 2014

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People I don't know, enjoying themselves

People I don’t know, enjoying themselves

I don’t know what it is about San Francisco. I must be getting to be a really really really old fart, because I just don’t get why so many people  in San Francisco are, in my opinion, so freakin’ crazy looking/acting. Bug tells me it’s because people are just expressing themselves, but I maintain, how much of an individual can you be if everyone around you is covered in tatts, piercings, and wearing their hair like the punks in the 80s? Whatever. I digress, and I haven’t even started to blab. Sorry.

So last weekend, Captain Romance and I were out and about doing errands when we got this wild idea to just drive to the city. And honestly, we don’t go to the city often because everything about it is challenging: the crazy hills and one way streets, the parking, finding a good place to eat, and the overwhelming number of panhandling homeless (who evoke in me this weird combination of extreme sadness and outrage). To be fair, we don’t go often enough to really get a lay of the land there, and if time allowed us the opportunity, I suppose we would. There are a few places in the city we really love to go, like the Ferry Building, and authentic dim sum places in Chinatown, but not that many.IMG_1433

However, recently CR and an old pal of his visiting from out-of-town went down to the Haight to check out one of the microbrew gastropubs there…Magnolia SF. And as luck would have it, CR remembered how to find it. Low and behold, there it was, right on the corner of Haight and Masonic. And luckier us, we found a parking spot a reasonable 7 blocks or so away.

More folks I don't know, having a great time...

More folks I don’t know, having a great time…

Wow, what fun! And what delicious pub grub. I had this insanely delish Open Face Mushroom Melt, and CR had a fab Linguisa sausage on a bed of huge white beans. Oh yes, and we got a flight of beers to share, since we couldn’t decide which ones to order.

It was a great meal, and afterwards we walked up and down Haight, which was a flurry of activity, checking out the shops (shoe mecca there, girls! Especially Fluevog!). Oh, and we even ran across that shop that was featured on A&E Discovery, “Loved to Death,” which was full of weird little oddities and taxidermy.

Okay, so after a chilly afternoon of food and exploration, I must admit I found another bit of SF to love.



3 Responses to “Love Haight”

  1. I can relate to your complaints about SF… when I was there the hills made me a bit claustrophobic. But it’s probably nice to have it nearby anyhow.


  2. Meggie Says:

    I love the artsy blurry photo of CR! “Loved to Death” is uniquely weird, but I sure enjoyed browsing its wares. Someday I hope to bum around San Fran with you, although I’d trade that for bumming around, say, London (or anywhere in the midwest!) with you instead.


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