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What I wish I were doing instead of finishing this d**n sock December 26, 2013

D**n Sock

D**n Sock

1. Finishing my Ollalieberry Girl sweater

2. Starting a couple of knitted baby girl gifties

3. Eating (more) homemade fruitcake

4. Sorting through my manymanymany skeins of fingering weight yarn for 7 skeins to use on the Albers Cowl in my queue

5. Starting the Darling Emma I swatched for this past July

6. Tidying/organizing the pit of hell the studio/office, yet again

7. Taking a walk

8. Taking a nap

9. Laundry

10. Having a beer with the most interesting man in the world—wait I married him 😉

I know I said I’d never knit another sock for a size 13 foot, but what can I say, I love him. And this pattern from Tin Can Knits, Rye, is quick, fun, and free. Except for the d**m heel flap, but those are both done now, so even that’s a non-issue. So okay, that does it. Staying up until this sucker is finished. Period.

A lovely old ornament from my BFF Meggie, on my vintage tinsel tree

A lovely old ornament from my BFF Meggie, on my vintage tinsel tree

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

And if I could please ask also, for a prayer or healing thought for a friend who’s suffering through some heavy duty cancer treatments. The cancer, which was serious to begin with, has spread from his brain through to his lungs and lymph nodes, and although I know the doctors are doing all they can, any extra prayers or healing thoughts wouldn’t hurt…at least in my mind. I’m sure his wife and two boys would be grateful as well.


4 Responses to “What I wish I were doing instead of finishing this d**n sock”

  1. monica Says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I’m sending your friend lots and lots of healthy thoughts.


  2. Meggie Says:

    Which homemade fruitcake were you wishing you were eating more of — the recipe from “Cooking Like A Goddess?” As a fruitcake lover myself (and I received one as a gift over the holidays, but sadly it had just a bit too much clove …) I must know! I hope your friend is doing well — it sounds like that cancer spread is serious. Oh, and I just faved the Rye socks — they look cozy!


    • kathy Says:

      It’s a vintage ’60s (1960s, that is) recipe from Diamond walnut. I’ll have to post it next year. Super easy. Like those socks! Super squishy, and a great way to use up worsted leftovers.


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