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And It’s Live! December 5, 2013

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So after manymanymany attempts at photographing my yarn to get the colors to match (this included trying 3 or 4 different cameras–who knew it could be so tough to get turquoise to look like turquoise?), keeping my fuzzy photography Β assistant out of the shots, spending hours on copy, and even more hours listing them on Etsy’s fab site, I am proud and excited to announce the opening of my new undertaking, Absinthe Yarn.

IMG_0901 IMG_0857 IMG_0849









Thanks so much to those friends who’ve already taken a peek, “favorited,” and one dear pal who has even purchased a couple of skeins. And as a grand opening surprise, I will be added a special little gift to the first 5 purchases. Well, since I’ve had one sale already πŸ™‚ there are 4 gifties left.

My assistant likes to help

My assistant likes to help…he really really likes to help. Oy.


Here I go! Yippee!


3 Responses to “And It’s Live!”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    So proud of you!! Now the problem is, deciding on a color…


  2. Debbie Q Says:

    Oh lordy. I must order something. I know which one…..


  3. Meggie Says:

    I finally hightailed it over to Absinthe Yarns and ordered me a couple of lovely skeins of yarn. Why on earth did it take so long? I think it was the photo of your soft fuzzy assistant that convinced me — he really brings out the beauty of that yarn! I’ll be back for a few more colors that I should have ordered the first time ’round. Can’t wait!


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