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A girl can dream, can’t she? November 17, 2013

IMG_1272It’s no secret to my dear friends who know me best that I’d do nearly anything to live on a farm with a handful of sheep, a few alpacas, a llama or two, and a lovely big garden filled with heirloom veggies. Oh yes, and a lovely studio for all my creative pursuits would be tucked into a corner of the property, too. This little farm would be somewhere preferably flat, with a rolling hill or two, and all four seasons (that includes winter, by-the-way).

Instead, here I sit in our very cool, midcentury modern Eichler, closets full of lovely wool, and instead of knitting Christmas gifts I’m spending my lazy Sunday reading  this amazing new book by Barbara Parry, “Adventures in Yarn Farming.”  I love our house, still…if you love wool and the sheepies that grow it, you must read this book.

It’s my chance to live vicariously through a shepherdess who writes beautifully and honestly about what it take to raise a flock. She shows you how she dyes her flock’s yarn and fleece–Foxfire Fiber (you can buy it on her  website). The vistas of her farm are breathtaking! Beautiful photography that takes you into the thick of it all.

Oh yes, and there are lambs! I love lambs. Sigh.


3 Responses to “A girl can dream, can’t she?”

  1. As usual you say it all so well! Hard to believe it was only last Sunday we were talking of this very possible dream. Hang on to those dreams someday they just might come true!!


  2. Darling Cuz Says:

    You shall have it – mark my words!


  3. Meggie Says:

    Oh (sigh), this book had the same effect on you as “Goat Song” had on me — it makes me want to move to a mountainside in Vermont and make goat cheese! But Vermont is too far from your future lamb farm, no doubt, so I shall offer my services to you during sheep shearing season: I’ll bring wine and lunch! With storebought goat cheese. By the way, did you see the adorable little knitted hens on her website? I want that pattern. 🙂


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