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Reconnecting With Lost Loves June 24, 2013

Where have you been hiding...?

Where have you been hiding…?

That’s right…the lost loves I’m talking about are all UFOs. UnFinished Objects, for those few non-knitters who are reading this blog.

For the last few days, I’ve felt this overwhelming urge to get in touch with some of my previous fibery liaisons.

Sometimes I start a project and because the yarn, the styling, or the pattern stitch aren’t working, I grit my teeth and rip it out. Well honestly, sometimes I have to have a cooling off period before I frog stuff so I can come to terms with ripping out (throwing away) all those hours of work.

But a UFO?

In this case, I can’t imagine what happened to make me abandon these knitted affaire de coeurs. When I first started each of these projects, I was deeply in love. Whether it was the pattern, the yarn, or what I call a match made in heaven—being in love with both—I was inspired to start and get a good bit into the piece. These weren’t intended to be mere flings. What made me love them and leave them?

Looking back over the projects I’ve listed on Ravelry, I have to conclude that more often than not, I’m side-tracked by making presents. I do love to make and give handknit gifts. Especially for the 2 guys in my life: Captain Romance and Pops. They’re tough to buy gifts for—they usually just go and buy the stuff they want—and they actually appreciate and use what I make for them. Bliss for a knitter.

So after I finished those 2 Purl Soho Bandana Cowls and the Windschief Hat, I went through my WIP (Work In Progress) basket and looked through my individual project bags. It was kinda like Christmas with yarn. Lookie what I found:

This "Orchid Thief Shawl" by Ysolda is such a gorgeous shawl!

This “Orchid Thief Shawl” by Ysolda is such a gorgeous shawl!

It’s my “Punkinhead Thief Shawl.” It features the most delectable yarn I’ve ever slid between my fingers: Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk. Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe this amazing yarn. How can I have started it nearly, ahem, 2 years ago, and just set it aside half finished? I know there were some errata issues with the charts, but I got those worked out. Touching this yarn, I can’t imagine. Again, it appears that a variety of gifts, and then that really interesting Swirl Cardigan pushed my heart in another direction. Oh yeah, and then there was that “Global Cable Coat.”

I must tell you I smiled when I pulled the little project bag from the WIP basket and took a peek inside. That did it.ย I rescued itย this past Thursday, and at this moment, I have just about 24 more rows to go. Thats about 4000 to 6500 stitches left before I can block and wear this gorgeous shawl. ๐Ÿ™‚

With any luck, I’ll be on a roll to reconnect with the rest of my lost loves, and bring each love story to a happy ending.


4 Responses to “Reconnecting With Lost Loves”

  1. This is absolutely lovely!


  2. This, as always is fabulous! When are you going to start that book we talked about all those years ago?


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