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Heel Flaps are Buggers May 22, 2013

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Yes, yes. I realize a statement like that is akin to saying “magic loop kicks double-pointed’s butt,” or, “Kitchener stinks…toe-up socks are the only way to go.” However IMO, from now on when the socks are for moi, short row heels will be my choice.

There it sits...

There it sits…

I think the columns of slipped stitches on flap heels look cool–especially the “eye of partridge” heel flap in which you adjust where you slip the stitches as you construct the heel flap, giving it a lattice-like appearance. Here’s a good example/explanation. And I know that people like heel flaps because they give the back of the sock some cushioning and help stop holes from forming.

My thing is, I never wear out the backs of my socks. Instead I wear out the heel and ball of foot areas on the soles of my socks. I’ve found that going down a needle size helps this problem a bit by firming up the stitches a bit and making a tighter fabric.

What gets to me, is 1) it seems to take longer for me to get all the way around the heels (why do the 3 steps of flap, turn, and gusset seem to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r for me?), and 2) heels with flaps always seem to bag on me. Indeed, currently the narrowest parts of this old body are my heels, which have been narrow for as long as I can remember. Short row heels fit my “curves” in all the right places.

Therefore, I’ll be placing the blame for my currently somewhat stalled pair of “Spring Break, Jaywalker” socks, also #3 in my 6 pairs in a year personal challenge, on the buggery old heel flaps. While the last 2 pairs of socks virtually flew off the needles (well, for me, anyway), this pair is just dragging.

Of course being behind in finishing my socks has nothing to do with that adorable “Cinnamon Girl” I just had to start making, does it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

A true attention-grabber of a pattern.

A true attention-grabber of a pattern.

I’m such a naughty girl, sometimes…




2 Responses to “Heel Flaps are Buggers”

  1. Debbie Q Says:

    Unless I have to for pattern reasons I always do a short row heel. I hate to do heel flaps.


  2. Karen Says:

    Your sock looks great! I love the yarn. I prefer a heel flap because my short rows always end up with holes and look ugly. Have you tried an afterthought heel? They are a lot like knitting a toe.


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