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Shawl We Dance? May 16, 2012

Hello, dear friends.

I’ve been cramming as much life possible into every day, as usual, and knitting’s no exception. So when a crazy cold knocked me on my fanny for a few days, besides starting up with posting my old novel, “Legacy of the Talisman,” online, I went a little nutty knitting.

My Cladonia

Okay, fair enough, I suppose I’d use any excuse to plop down and knit away. But seriously, this was an odd cold that really pooped me out. Usually I can take a some Dayquil, make a pot of chicken soup, and soldier through it all. Not this time. To be honest, I actually would stop knitting to close my eyes, project in my lap, and take a short snooze.

So here are a few things I worked on while nursing this silly cold: ย The Dream Coat of Many Colors, The Lala Layering Shrug, My Cladonia, and Eyelet Puerperium Baby Jacket.

The Dream Coat

The Dream Coat of many Colors is the fabulous, warm and fuzzy Swirl Coat by Sandra McGyver, and it’s the perfect mindless knitting: knitting and purling in long boringย lazy circles, waiting anxiously for that 5th row when you can decrease and have less stitches to mindlessly knit and purl.

But it became very hot here last week, and after a few days of noodling around with the lovely and very versatile Layering Shrug by Juju Vail, I got a wee restless and surfed my Ravelry que.

For shame, I found myself not only adding Kristen Kapur’s exquisite Cladonia Shawl, but casting it on. Be still my heart.

Ahh, true love!

Using some luscious Madelintosh Tosh Merino Light (a soft single ply), this shawl rapidly gives you lovely little rows of stripes, and finally at the end, you’re rewarded with one single repeat of a magnificent lace.

It makes me so happy of myself…

Once I cast on for it, I did nothing else until I finished. It had it’s slightly harrowing moments, but I love the finished piece so much that without a doubt, I will do another one.

I was actually going to pick up the Shrug to finish it, but then I realized there are a couple of babies due to dear friends this summer, so I decided to get a start on that with the quick and easy baby cardi with the crazy hard name: Puerperium Cardigan, by Kelly Brooker.

Although to spice things up, I decided to put a row of eyelets into sweater in several places: just under the neckband, at the bottom of the cardigan before the bottom band, and at the bottom of each sleeve. Then I think I’ll thread some Hanna ribbon through the eyelets at the bottom of each sleeve. ย It should be fun and also a great way to use up some vintage buttons from my stash. If there’s any yarn left over, I might even make matching booties.

Look, little holes, on purpose! ๐Ÿ™‚

But we’ll see about that.


5 Responses to “Shawl We Dance?”

  1. Debbie Q Says:

    Dang, another shawl that I am going to have to add to the queue. It is gorgeous.


  2. pomaw Says:

    Lovely shawl lovely post and pictures. That baby sweater pattern name — see what I mean? Puerperal Fever is what Victorian ladies died of after childbirth :(. But I bet the sweaters will be swell! Hope you’re feeling better cuz! Love ya!


  3. Meg Says:

    Poo on that stinky cold! But what a beauty you got out of it — that Cladonia is wonderful! I think there’s another of hers, all stripey, that I have in my queue. Your finished one will be my inspiration. Did you really knit, weave in, and block that beauty while you were sick? Amazing. Glad you’re feeling better!


  4. Meg Says:

    Every time I see “My Cladonia” I hear “My Sharona” in my head. Sorry! ๐Ÿ˜€


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