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I’ve been up to something… May 9, 2012

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…and I want you all to know about it!

… through this breach in the crowded border of maples, the stranger emerged. He moved with purpose, enshrouded by a black cloak and grasping reins to which a restless stallion was tethered.

A little scared, but excited, I offer up to you all, my friends, a new wordpress site that will be home to an old tale of mine: Legacy of the Talisman.

I’ve launched a little background there, and tomorrow, I’ll have the first chapter up for your reading pleasure.

Please visit my new blog and check it out. I’d love to know your thoughts.

And then later in the week, I hope to catch you all up on my knitting/jewelry-making/writing/yarn-dyeing over the past month.

I think this summer’s gonna be a doosie.



4 Responses to “I’ve been up to something…”

  1. Meg Says:

    I’d better dash out and buy a few bottles of Gamay-Beaujolais (or whatever the current equivalent is, since G-B is no longer being produced). I have great memories of sipping glasses of it while reading through your first draft. Can’t wait to read it again.


    • kathy Says:

      Darling Girlie, You’re the only one who’s read the whole thing, and I remember you found yourself wanting to drink wine while you did…I think I should send you a few bottles. LOL


  2. Bug Says:

    Love the first chapter!! Get Lore published too, kay?


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