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I wish you could smell this… April 24, 2012

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Lovely and ruffled, this "Abraham Darby" English Rose has a lightly lemony rose fragrance...

…I wish you could just press your nose up against your screen and smell the glorious fragrance of my back garden this time of year. Honestly, a couple of months ago I was convinced that the garden, which I’ve shown you a couple of times before, would not make its spectacular annual and Just-in-time-for-Mother’s-Day explosion of blooms and perfume.

The reason for this is because our gardener (who really just mows and edges and blows the leaves around so CR doesn’t have to), took it upon himself to prune these 9 foot tall rosebushes back to sticks. Sticks. Bug was the one who noticed, but I was the one who cried.

"Gertrude Jekyll" Pink and blowsy, and rich rose scent. Heaven.

Luckily, they came back. And just in time for orange blossoms to burst open and perfume the entire yard. Ahh. I wish you were here… 🙂

Tiny, nearly hidden, but these orange blossoms are unbelievably fragrant. OMG. You can smell them in the house whenever we open the back door. Sigh.

"Graham Thomas," light and sweet rose perfume.


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