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In the Mood! November 1, 2011

Look! We made it through the blizzard to Mood!

Can you guess where we were this past weekend? Indeed, if you guessed NYC, you’re correct! Bug and I tagged along with Captain Romance, who had to work a trade show there.

A dizzying array of fabric-y goodness!

Let me tell you, Bug was over the moon happy; she was born in Manhattan at NYU Medical Center, and  had wanted to go there for years.

Bug on a Bus.

Where Bug was born!

Out front of the Natural History Museum

Well, we packed as much sight-seeing as we possibly could into 3 days: Natural History Museum, and the 9/11 Memorial.

The new tower will be magnificent

We took a Gray Line Double Decker bus tour which included drive-bys of the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Central Park (the south side), Tiffany’s and FAO Schwartz, Times Square, the Flat Iron, Soho, Tribeca, Wall St, Chinatown, Little Italy, Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty, to name just a few of the famous places we went past, both on foot and by bus.

Just a couple blocks past the 9/11 Memorial (which btw was very lovely, and as you’d expect, very moving. I was surprised to see many folks mugging for photos at the site; it seemed inappropriate somehow. Sorry if I sound preachy. Don’t mean to. It just didn’t seem right. And I’m pretty sure these people were just goofing around, not “celebrating the life of someone close to them.”), we found a lovely old church, which turned out to be St. Paul’s Chapel, the place where George Washington worshipped. They even have his pew there, and I would’ve dearly loved to take a photo of it, but picture-taking wasn’t allowed. Here’s another interesting link. It was miraculous to me that this, the “oldest public building in continuous use,” escaped the ravages of the attack on 9/11. It was a small gem to find tucked away amidst all the chaos of the construction of the new tower and the knuckleheads in “Zoo-cotti” Park.

And best of all, we got to experience 3 seasons in 3 days there: Spring (rainy Thursday), Fall (crisp and clear on Friday), and Winter (Saturday Snow!).

The beginning of the freaky blizzard

CR, Bug and I had some wonderful meals; the penultimate was our insanely delicious meal at Craft Restaurant, Tom Colicchio’s (of Top Chef) restaurant, and saw Angela Lansbury enjoying a meal there, too! What a trip! That meal has taken a spot on my “top 10 meals of my life.” Wow.

Speaking of wow: How about those last words of Steve Jobs…”Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Gives me chills every time. So does the eulogy his sister lovingly wrote for him. Have you read it?

But I digress.

Oh yes, and we even braved the blizzard to make a pilgrimage to the one and only Mood. Wow! Don’t know how anyone could race through that place to pick out fabric? Looking at all the buttons alone makes me dizzy. I brought home a luscious raspberry-wine piece of buttery suede to make a spring hobo bag (I think). Thank you, Mood!

Button, button...Just one corner of buttons!

So much we missed because of the weather, made us promise to return to this historic city. I won’t even touch on the experience we had a Newark trying to get home; it was all part of the trip. I, for one, can’t wait for another New York Minute or two.

Amazing African Elephants



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