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Just call me Agent 99 October 23, 2011

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So, while I know that some of you dear friends might have a problem with what I’m about to show you (and that is your prerogative, of course, and I beg your pardon), I just feel I need to crow about this.

I have finally (safely) learned to use a handgun.

This is a skill I’ve wanted to learn for years. Years. And I realize that some of this stems from my “control” issues. What pushed me to do it, however, was a recent event that you probably heard of as it made the national news: a man, who was by all accounts a pretty decent guy, went mentally awol and shot several of his coworkers at a local quarry before he went on the lamb. He also shot a woman as she arrived for work when he tried to steal her car. Then he disappeared into the neighborhoods.All the local schools went on lockdown. And we spent one long sleepless night with all the lights on, feeling rather helpless. Thankfully, our wonderful police got him, just a few miles from here, though the ending was an unhappy one.

Well, I for one, refuse to feel helpless like that ever again. I want to know that I have the ability to protect myself and my family. Even the cats.

So a couple of days ago, I took an intensive two-day NRA administered handgun use and safety course at a local, and very classy firearms dealer. The instructor (who actually teaches/certifies other NRA instructors) then took me to the shooting range. I shot a 22 Ruger, a 9mm Smith and Wesson, and an antique 38 special revolver. Here’s how I did:

This target was used with the 22 and the 38; the instructor marks the holes shot after each round to keep track of progress. He was particular surprised at how often I shot through a hole twice.

After my first 3 shots with the 22 (the 1st hit just outside the target, and my next 2 inside the target), the instructor told me, “Great, but don’t get cocky.” By the time we’d finished, he told me I should be proud of myself, that I’d gone from beginner, to advanced, to master, by NRA target scoring guidelines.

But then, I’m deadly with a rubber band. 😉

Even with its bigger "bang," I'm better with the 9mm.

And he’s one great teacher. I told him so.

Of course, like any skill, now that the mystery (and I won’t lie…fear) are gone, I’m going to keep practicing. Like knitting lace, the more you do it, the better you get.

Although yarnovers aren’t particularly deadly, unless you find one in the wrong place at the end of a big project.


What’s up? October 8, 2011

Well, once again, I’ve found myself mired in the quicksand of life…so much is going on that I haven’t had a chance to post anything lately. Even though day after day post ideas pop into my head; it’s just that I haven’t had a spare moment to write. You see, I’m missing one very important skill: supersonic fast typing skills.

I mentioned once that way back in 8th grade at Edison Jr. High, when we were forced to take a typing class, I silently revolted against the teacher, thinking, “I’m not going to be a secretary. Why the heck should I learn to type? I’ll look at the keys if I feel like it…” Result? my top speed on any typing test in that class was 39 words per minute. Mostly because I’d look at the keys, as well as correct my mistakes as I went along.

Fast forward to now. Hmm. Didn’t need to learn how to type, eh? Well, all the angels in heaven had a mighty good laugh at me. Over 17 years writing full time in advertising…my dearest dream of being a published fantasy writer (thousands of pages written/edited/deleted/saved by now), this blog…just general correspondence…the list goes on and on.

With all that writing, I have to admit that my typing skills have improved. Vastly. But I still look at the keys on occasion. This causes me to take a good 2 to 3 hours to create a post here.

All this is my way of explaining why I haven’t posted in an age, and to say I’m sorry. I really enjoy writing here, visiting and letting you know what’s happening.

That’s the other part of it, though. This is my super-de-duper busiest time of the year. My annual Talisman Rocks Holiday Trunk Show is coming up in a month (November 18th and 19th), and I’ve been at it full time. Really inspired this year to create some new things. Here’s a wee “amuse bouche” of the goods:

Gorgeous Karen Thai sterling pendants, luscious pearls and gemstones knotted on irish linen and silk lay softly over one's clavicle...

Long earrings! So much fun and so "now!"

Also had a day by myself last Saturday, and really finally figured out what I was doing wrong dyeing yarn. Came up with some glorious goodies that I really think I would sell, though I might have to send out a few to some intrepid knitting pals to test knit with…more on that another time.

Here’s a look at some of what I worked up: Merino, merino with cashmere, Blue-faced Leicester with silk, and Alpaca with merino and silk. Yummy stuff. If I had a studio to work in, I’d do this 3 or 4 days a week.

from left, BFL silk fingering, Merino cashmere fingering, Merino fingering

The camera just isn't getting the luscious wines and cinnamons here...better in the picture of the yarn drying at the bottom of this post.

And, I’ve had a couple of design ideas bouncing around in my old noggin so I’ve been playing with that, too.

More on what I'm up to here later...yes, that's yarn I dyed! Super soft merino in a cinnamon candy red.

Busy, busy.

Well, that’s nothing new, I suppose.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Hugs to you all!

Here the reds are closer to what they look like in real life...

A fun, sort of firey autumn leaves/hogwarts hand painted merino.


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