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Here I go again September 5, 2011

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Those friends who’ve been kind enough to follow me over the past few years know that this time of year heralds new beginnings. My personal New Year begins with the start of the new school year.

Bug's getting so grown up! 7th grade!

This year, as Bug heads off to 7th grade (!!), I must reassess my resolutions of last September, and refresh, renew, resolve for the year ahead. So, before starting this post, I peeked at that last one, and here’s what I think. The list just won’t change all that much. Here’s what I was supposed to do last year:

5.  Workout 4x/week

4. Restock my Talisman Rocks Etsy Shop

3. Open my Twist and Shout Etsy Shop

2. Blog 2x or more per week (provided I have something worth saying…LOL)

1. Get that novel finished!

The thing is, these things, for the most part, are ongoing projects. To that end, let me edit this list in the following way…

2011-2012 updated resolutions:

6.  Workout 3x/week (Yes, those of you with eagle eyes will note this is one day less than last year, however, I must be realistic)

5. Restock my Talisman Rocks Etsy Shop (always the bane of my list! I hate taking pictures of jewelry! It never turns out the way I want it to…when I’m rich, I’ll pay to have someone do it for me. Until then, I must try to accomplish this.)

4. Open my Twist and Shout Etsy Shop (will now be called “Absinthe Yarn” and will include stitch markers, knitting jewelry, and some patterns) (still perfect my yarn dyeing…oh, how I wish I had a free studio space with a sink where I could go work without worry or having to drag it all in and then out before having to cook dinner.)

3. Blog 2x or more per week (still provided I have something worth saying)

2. Get that novel finished! (and start the next one! Have some great ideas and can’t wait to get on with it!)

And here’s the new number one thing I need to accomplish this year…

1. Be a little kinder to myself.

What I mean is, I think I really expect a hellavuh lot from my old self. Instead, of celebrating the stuff I do get done, I ignore my accomplishments, and frankly, that’s not healthy. At least that’s what I’ve concluded after lots of meditating on where I’ve been and what I’ve done since last September.

Sure, I procrastinate. I could’ve gotten a bachelor’s in procrastination if that’d been offered at Drake. On the other hand, since turning 50 I think the one thing I’ve focused on in the last year is accomplishing one “major” thing a day. Okay, some days it’s just getting laundry (though that can be major around here sometimes) and dinner on the table. Other days it’s making a couple dozen pairs of earrings, or taking the Bug out for a “girls’s shopping day.”

So over this past year, especially this past summer, I’ve done some major things not on that list above. Stuff like sewing those couch cushion slipcovers…planted a veggie garden…putting up some strawberry jam…finishing some old knitting projects and making progress on some new ones…losing 10 pounds…sewing a tote and a couple of fun project bags…just being a pal to someone dear who needs a little extra help right now. These things were not on last year’s list, but I daresay, these all were important things to take note of each night as I meditated on what needed doing in my life, and what actually got done.

Got 40% of this "Talamh" cardigan done. Just need to keep up the momentum. Sleeves ahead!

These are things I’m thankful for, things that give me a feeling of accomplishment each and every day. Even on those days where I barely make it out of my comfy pj bottoms by dinnertime because that morning I decided I needed a day to finish knitting a gift or something.

Now I can’t have too many of those days or I really wouldn’t get anything done. But like I said, as long as I can count one truly meaningful thing in each day’s accomplishments, I can go to sleep looking forward to the possibilities of the next day without any lingering guilt about what I didn’t get done the day before.

If this is the wisdom that comes with age, cool.

Hopefully it’s not just me justifying any procrastination.


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