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What a Pip! May 10, 2011

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Pip. He's soooo fluffy!

Whoops, we’ve done it again!

Lucy was lonely when we weren’t around, or constantly playing with her, and she made sure we knew how she felt. Just ask our brand new leather chairs. Ouch.

And when I saw this little guy, not only was it love at first sight for both of us, after a couple of days and a bit of hissing and jealous sulking, Lucy loves him too. She especially likes his fluffly tail which is unfortunately quite a bit like one of her most favorite play-toys. But he’s 6 months old and nearly as big as she is, so I don’t worry too much about her being a little too “loving.” Best of all, he’s a cuddly-duddly, mellow little guy. And even better, he purrs!

What a pair!

Indeed, I was about to do a little post about Lucy entitled, “The cat who wouldn’t purr.” Lucy is a funny bright little stinker, but she will only purr for Bug, and for me after a lot of pets (like at least 10 minutes worth) when she forgets herself.

Pip, however, purrs even when you look at him. What a sweetie. And because the word is from the vet that he’s part Maine Coon, he will be big enough keep Miss Lucy in her place. And even better, he plays fetch. Can’t wait for you to meet Pip.

All kitties love the "Cat Containment Unit"


6 Responses to “What a Pip!”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    I love his name! Our favorite character from the Halloween Tree (and Great Expectations? Could Miss Havisham and Estella be far behind?)


    • kathy Says:

      You are absolutely right! We named him Pip from Great Expectations. Perhaps Lulu’s new name should be Estella. She certainly can be snooty enough.


  2. Meg Says:

    OMIGOSH Pip is darling! What a great idea, getting another kitty. Hopefully it will help Lucy forget all about those leather chairs. I am excited to see more pics, especially of Lucy and Pip getting chummy together.


  3. DebbieQ Says:

    Oh what a sweet face!!


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