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What a mother! May 8, 2011

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Happy Mother’s Day to my darling mother and to my wonderful girlie-friends!

What a wonderful mother I’ve been blessed with, I must say. Sure, everyone says that, but mine’s the real McCoy. Or should I say “the real Gradishar?”

To be a wonderful mother, she sacrificed so many things: An acting career (she had an agent—a real live agent—who discovered her while she had the lead in the play “Picnic” at the Pasadena Playhouse) to get married. She turned down the role of “Miss-fill-in-the-name” in the original Chicago Romper Room TV show to stay home with us kids. She decided to stop pursuing, first a law degree, then a psychology degree to help my Dad out at work, and to be around for us kids when we got home from school.

And talk about multi-tasking! I don’t know any other mom who could explain the finer details about life and boys, while simultaneously cooking a gourmet meal, and  singing and doing the charleston, wooden spoon upraised. As a child, I remember marveling about how far she could get that phone cord to stretch from the wall—had to be about 100 feet—as she ironed, watched “The Guiding Light,” made grilled cheese sandwiches, colored with us, all while chatting for hours with her best pal, her cousin Frances. I think no one was happier than she when cordless phones were invented.

Even during my parents’s salad days, I was always dressed like I just stepped out of Bonwit Teller. I always had the most fabulous little dresses to wear for Christmas and Easter, just because my mom could sew like nobody’s business. Smocking, embroidering, french seams…she could do it all. And I must say, we were quite the pair that one Christmas in Mother/Daughter hot pants–we didn’t match, but we were both wearing the very latest thing!

And not only is she talented, she is beautiful. I was,and still am, in awe.

And that just scratches the surface of all her wonderfulness.

I’ve been truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother. I only pray I can say it to her for many many more years to come.

And to all my girlfriends, Happy Mother’s Day! You know, as I’ve grown older (and especially since I had a “later life” child) I’ve come to realize that every woman is a mother at heart. Whether you have the kind of kids to whom you read “Goodnight Moon,” and make PBJs, and kiss boo-boos away, and loan the car, or whether they’re the fuzzy kind of kids whom you pet, and fill their bowl with kibble, you are a mom. Even if you have neither variety of “kid” to look after, if you have even one friend you love and care about, the nurturing love of motherhood exists within you, for I believe, to be a woman is to be a strong, loving, nurturing human being.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, one and all.


One Response to “What a mother!”

  1. Meg Says:

    Beautiful tribute, Kathy! I LOVE that your mom was a Romper Room candidate. How fantastic is that! I certainly don’t know her as well as you, but I think she’s sweet and fun and FUNNY all the same. Wouldn’t we all love to see a photo of you two in those hot pants … Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mum!


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