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Watching out for Peter Rabbit and Peter Cottontail April 25, 2011

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Yum! Basil! Yum!

Last week, Bug and I decided we were going to try one more time to find suitable places to plant little crops of tomatoes, beans, zucchini, eggplants, cukes, and basil for summer. I’d given up the last couple of years, but I thought we’d give it another go.  Love homegrown veggies. Also love saving some $$ on food.

The problem is we never have figured out where it’s best to plant in our yard. We haven’t had luck with tomatoes in the past–doesn’t stay warm at night here in the summer, so we have trouble with ripening–but we have had some luck with zucchini and cucumbers.

Unlike our last place in the woods of New Jersey where I made a 10′ x 15′ garden of raised beds in a sunny spot, we have very little land here. What land we do have is taken up with a swimming pool, a patio, and lots of trees. The local community garden has no spots available, so that’s a no go.

Instead, we did a survey of where the sunniest spots were, borrowed CR’s big strong muscles to dig up some unused spots with some so-so landscaping, and rolled up our own sleeves, too.


We accomplished quite a lot in our spaces. Used some containers to plant in, too.


Unfortunately we also found out that the snails that live in our yard have a penchant for eggplant and basil. But since the Bug is also known around here as “The Snail Queen,” I can’t do too much snail removal other than diatomaceous earth, or my personal favorite: picking and whipping them over the fence into the street (don’t tell the Bug). Besides, I don’t want any poison by our veggies.Listen, I think snails are cute and all, but I like eating pesto and eggplant a bit better than escargot, so they’d just better knock it off.

Hmm. That give me an idea…

Fair Warning.


5 Responses to “Watching out for Peter Rabbit and Peter Cottontail”

  1. DebbieQ Says:

    If it would only stop raining here I might be able to garden.


  2. pomaw Says:

    Inspiration! Looks good — and I like that you’ve found little hidden spaces to do it. Manageable. I love your yard and your roses and your enormous Willy Wonka plants. And I especially like the image of you whipping those snails over the fence. Better make sure no one is walking on the other side!


    • kathy Says:

      Actually, I wouldn’t mind hitting the little old lady with 2 dogs who keeps letting them p**p in my little front triangle of grass and leaving it there. Just saying…


  3. Meg Says:

    Hooray for your clever gardening solutions! I can’t wait to see the fruits and vegetables of your labor. If I was a snail, I’d high-shell it out of your yard in a (really long, slow) jiffy. Here’s hoping they know how to read. 🙂


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