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Back to the needles April 7, 2011

First, thank you all for your kind wishes and comforting thoughts regarding the loss of my beautiful mother-in-law. On a sweet note, her birthday was Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, the Bug announced that she’d had a dream the night before where “Grandma was snuggling with me.” All I can say is, that to me, the two had a lovely visit on Granny’s birthday. I just believe that. When you love someone that much, I don’t think they ever really leave us. Gives one pause…and hope that our souls go on.

On that note, did you ever see “Truly, Madly, Deeply” ? Wow. That has to be on my list of top 5 favorite movies ever. And certainly the first that ever truly madly deeply made me cry. And no, the crying had nothing to do with hormones. In a teensy nutshell, Juliet Stevenson is pining away for her lost, dead lover, Alan Rickman. So much so that he comes back to her. Okay, totally modern fantasy. But it truly is a special movie about love, and the people who are left behind after someone dies.

Anyway…I digress, as usual.

I wanted to blather on about knitting projects and sewing projects and my big focus, writing projects.

Okay, I look totally ridiculous, thanks to 82 degree weather and some extreme art direction by my photographer, Bug. Still, I'm pleased as punch about this one.

Happily I finally finished my own Big Herringbone Cowl (yeah! I got it to work). And thanks to my darling cuz who first introduced me to the pattern. Yes, it took me forever, and yes, I’ve missed all the really cold weather, but at least I finished it. Which is more than I can say about my  “Global Cables” Coat. I just took that sucker back out and am once again, really enjoying it. The downside to that project is simply its lack of portability. Hey, I am a girl who’s always on the go; what can I say? 😉 And this is one big-ass (sorry, I said a**; it’s just the best word) project.

But back to the Herringbone Cowl. I really love it. The yarn…oh, the yarn…most aptly named Luscious Single Silk by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Ahhh. It feels like clouds against my neck, and the color is heavenly, for me, anyway.

I know a few of you friends are contemplating or in the midst of this little project, and I’d just like to share a knitter’s little helper that I figured out when I knitted the small version cowl I made for Captain Romance. When you have to rip back, and believe me, there’s a good chance you will, you’ll see that tinking herringbone stitch is a PITA, and free-ripping will drive you insane. Ask me how I know.

Oh yes, to do this most easily you need to use interchangeable needles. A gin and tonic or a nice zinfandel couldn’t hurt, either. Here goes:

Using a new cable, place a US 4 or 5 tip on one end, and a cable end on the other end.

Starting at or just before the stitch you want to rip back to, slide smaller needle behind the front slanted leg of each stitch, going in from left to right. Go all the way around  your knitting until you get back to where you started.
Then remove the working needle at the top of your work and rip away! When you have ripped out to your new cable, replace the smaller needle tip and end with the old working tips. Proceed to knit!

Speaking of gin and tonics, have you seen that new, free sock pattern called, what else, Gin and Tonic? Why didn’t I work out a pattern called that? Anyway, looks like it might have to be on my short list of portable, lightweight, warm-weather projects…

But first, I’m gonna really try to finish what I’ve started, namely that Cabled Coat.

To you Ravelers: What is up with some of those folk who have. like 50 projects on the needles? Listen, I came across one just the other day, so I’m not making that up. Forget wondering how they can afford doing that; where the heck do they keep it all? And my dad calls me Capricious Kathy.

Oh well, on that note…better get to knitting. Got a few projects to finish up.


3 Responses to “Back to the needles”

  1. Meg Says:

    Good goddess, you’re gorgeous! Your hair looks amazing. Oh wait, there’s a cowl in that picture too? 🙂 By the way, I have ONE project on needles. But I do have 1 … 2 … 3 … projects that need a wee bit of undoing/re-doing and/or “finishing up.” I have developed some incredible resistance to starting a new project before the previous one is done. The temptation is there, but I fight it tooth and nail! It’s not easy.


  2. DebbieQ Says:

    LOVE the cowl my friend. And I also wonder about people who have a ton of things OTN. Of course, I have 4 things currently on needles but I don’t think that is too bad.


  3. Darling Cuz Says:

    We’re going to have to virtual/cyber knit this herringbone thing together, darling cousin/teacher, because I just don’t get it! Yours is lovely, by the way — I love that color on you. Projects on the needles: These days, I’m always frogging, then stomping on, whatever I’m trying to make, so I have 1 project on the needles! Great tip for safe ripping.


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