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Stitches West…5 days to go! February 12, 2011

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when I spend a day or two struggling with my inner wooly demons. The very same tiny demons that say (think Gollum from Lord of the Rings), “Yessss, Kathy’s a goodie girl, all year, knitting from her precious stash, she’s been. But stashy is hungry hungry…time to feed it up, feed it up…”


Aw what the heck? What’s a skein or two of something special?  I’ve been dying to get my fingers entwined in some qivuit. Ah, qivuit, your siren song always captures me at Stitches West. But at $90 for 248 yards? At the last moment, I never submit. That price makes me feel that I will remain a qivuit virgin yet another year.

Oh well, I do have a plan of attack for that Market floor, however. Just like when I go to a gem show. Seriously, don’t laugh, I always go with a plan. That’s the control freak in me after all. I list what I need (though lord and lady know I need nothing in either the fiber or gemstone department), and then see what else moves me, setting a strict spending limit.

So this year, after I hightail it to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth to have first crack at some delicious mawatas (gotta see what all this is about) and Tina’s LSS (that’s Luscious Single Silk), I’m going to hit Webs to see if I can get a deal on several skeins of this unbelievably scrumptious new (to me, anyway) Malabrigo Twist. I am making a special Valentine’s Day Cowl for a special someone out of it, and let me tell you, (borrowing a description from a fellow Raveler) it is like knitting with buttered kittens.

Valentine's Day Cowl in Malabrigo Twist

Indeed. I believe it is baby merino, but frankly it feels like cashmere. Better than cashmere. It’s kind of more fluffy and I can’t stop petting it and rubbing it over my face, and I want to sleep in it and roll around in it nekked and—ahem. At any rate, gonna make something for me me me out of it!

Now some of you will look at my day count above and say, “Hey, Stitches doesn’t start until the 18th, that’s 6 days.” And I would have to say you are correct. However, I am taking a class on Friday morning, and the delightful people at XRX who put this event together realized that all the knitters in classes weren’t getting a chance to peruse the yarn/fibery goodness until after the folks who got in first did. So if you are taking a class, the market is open to you on…Thursday! I wonder how many people sign up for a class or two just to be able to slip in a bit early. 😉

I myself am happy to be taking a class on designing with lace. I have a couple of ideas for shawls rolling around my brain and somehow, it just makes me feel a little more comfortable taking a class where I can ask my wacky questions. I realize I could very easily figure this stuff out on my own, but still. It’s also nice to sit in a class with other knitters (aka other people in love with knitting).

The other thing I love about an event like Stitches is that it brings out all the local yarn celebrities. Very fun. Fun to chat with Joan McGowan-Michael, author of Knitting Lingerie Style,  and Jennifer Hansen from Stitch Diva Studios. Just so much fun! I know that there are a dozen or so local podcasters who are very popular, but I must say I’m not a podcast listener, so I wouldn’t know who they were anyway. Except that you see people interviewing other folks all over the hall, and you just know that they’re doing interviews for their podcasts and would love it if you noticed them. Whatever.

She's coming along...

Because I took a break from my Global Cables Jacket to work on the cowl, I’m kinda stalled at the waist, but perhaps more next week on that. Really enjoying knitting it, and I must say I am really enjoying the Cascade Eco. In the skein it seems very rough, like something you’d use for a real fisherman’s aran sweater, and actually I think it’d be perfect for that. But it feels nice in the hand, and I also know that it gets really soft when it’s soaked and blocked (I know this because I was a good girl and did a nice big swatch). I will use this yarn again, I think. I think I love it.

Bug’s mitt is almost done. I thought I could get them both done in time for V day. Actually, I might be able to do it. The problem is, that the poor kiddo has been home with a fever since she went to the dance a few weeks ago (no, that’s not a “love fever”) and I can’t knit in secret with her around. We thought she might have mono, but a call from the doctor confirmed that the blood test she had did not show mono. That’s good. I hope she gets better soon, though. She’s missing scads of school. Ah well, she may get one with the promise of the second soon…

one little Bug mitt

Well I’d better get a few more things accomplished around here. I’ll report back from the yarn front as soon as I get back!


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