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By the sea… January 12, 2011

Warm sun+ full tummies = nap time

…by the beautiful sea…

So last weekend, Captain Romance—the family wanderlust—decided that we needed to do some traveling around out here. This is what we did on Sunday.

Sunday brunch at Sam’s Chowder House. It was actually rather cold here, in the mid-40s with a cold ocean breeze. “You think that’s cold?” you may ask? Considering that a good deal of this lovely country is freezing and buried in snow, and because I remember from being a midwest girl that when the temperature hits the mid-40s, it’s actually shirt-sleeve weather, I guess I should change that description to “cool breeze.” But this is Northern California, and it really does get cold here. Or at least the temperature fluctuates a great deal across the span of a day—often as much as 30 degrees.

Anyway, I digress.

Amazing place, Sam’s.

Rather unassuming from the road, but from the inside, oy, what a view!

It’s right on the ocean in Half Moon Bay. Just a bit north of that stretch of beach where the old surfer dudes park alongside the road, don their wetsuits (in public, no less. I’m waiting for the day one of those guys will be putting on/taking off his wet suit underneath that towel he’s tied—just barely—around his waist, and it comes undone and flies across Highway 1. Probably has happened dozens of times, just not when I’ve been there.), and go splash around in the waves. Don’t they know there are sharks in there?

We must’ve driven past there a zillion times on our way to Moss Beach Distillery , also a very cool place to have lunch. Some of you dear readers have been here with me…you know who you are. Fabulous cozy patio on a bluff. Supposed to be haunted…

Anyway, we’d driven past Sam’s so many times. Couldn’t decide if it was worth stopping or not. Glad we did. New favorite, although I do think the view at the Distillery is a notch up.

The chowders, the lobster roll, and the oyster stew at Sam’s…well, in a word, delectable. Oh yes, and a spicy Bloody Mary goes great with all the above. Here’s what we ate:

Lobster Roll--chunks of lobster covered in melted butter on a toasted roll, homemade slaw, and a kicking Bloody Mary

Oyster Stew...cream, cubes of smoky bacon, cream, thyme, cream, huge plump oysters, oh yes, and cream!

After lunch, we hung out on the back patio and soaked up some rays.

I even got a bit of my Global Warming Coat done while CR and the Bug took a walk along the beach.

Cabling without a cable needle is key

Come visit!

Come visit me and we’ll go there!


5 Responses to “By the sea…”

  1. DebbieQ Says:

    Oh that last picture is just darling. And believe me, I would hop on a plane this instant to come and visit. 40F sounds particularly balmy today. And I don’t see any snow on the ground so that is an added bonus. We have gotten around 12 inches since yesterday…and it continues to snow.


  2. Cyndy Linebarger Says:

    Hey Kathy~ Sam’s Chowder House is one of our favorite Summer hangouts! We go shopping in Half Moon Bay, then ease on down the highway for lunch and take a nice walk on the pier. I let myself indulge in the deep fried fish and chips and they are so fresh and crispy and delish! Moss Beach Distillery is fun, too!


  3. Darling Cuz Says:

    That looks wonderful!! Bloody Mary and Lobster Roll and Oyster Stew?? Seriously jealous but I’m grooving on your grooving so thanks for the pick-me-up! My favorite winter activity is basking in the warm sun on a cold day — of course, that doesn’t go on very long here!. Love that pic of you and Bug, btw.


  4. Meg Says:

    Sounds like a dreamy time. All that cream! And I see TWO hand-knitted items in that last photo! (And maybe in the first one as well?) Yeah, it’s pretty chilly here today.


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