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Procrastination, resolution, evolution. January 4, 2011

This is what Christmas should look like...

Well, well, my friends. It has indeed been ages and ages since I selected “new post” from my blog menu options. In part because I was plum tired out from my annual end-of-year ride on the crazy train, in part because every time I thought I could jot something down to report and hopefully entertain you all with, I found myself overwhelmed with all the crap stuff that was going on—everything seemed too complicated to put into digest form. So then I’d find something else on my “to do before Christmas” list that I believed was more manageable, such as, “make felted soaps for teacher’s gifts,” or “memorize the Declaration of Independence.”  Ha ha ha. Who am I kidding?

Yes, I admit it. My name is Kathy and I am a procrastinator.

As further evidence of that, besides the blog, you should know that both the felted soaps and the Declaration fell by the wayside.

What did I accomplish over the past month and one quarter? Hmm. Let’s see. Perhaps I can do it as writer Anne Lamott says, Bird by Bird. That is, do one thing, then the next. And I will try to find some way to connect all of it as I go.


I spent many days fulfilling custom orders and restocking the local Aveda Salon that features my work. I enjoy custom work, however I prefer not to do it during the days leading up to the holidays when so many other things are demanding my attention. Wish I’d had time to take some pictures of what I did do, but that was yet another of the things I procrastinated doing until it was too late and the pieces were in the mail to their new owners.

"Who, me...naughty?"


Yes, Lucy has her own spot in my crazytown line-up, along with her best new nickname by far (coined by Captain Romance): Goofus McButthead. You may ask, “why has this innocent-looking pile of fur, teeth, and claws earned this unusual new name?” Well, she has ventured into a career of what I like to call Deconstructive Paper Art. CR calls it: “What the hell heck is wrong with that cat?” Here are some examples of her work:

Her first work, entitled "Chaos in Situ"

She also likes to draw and quarter tiny toy mice, sever power supply cords for small electronic devices (especially while plugged into the wall) and worst of all, nibble through unattended strands of yarn—especially those attached to my current knitting projects. And I was worried about the possibility getting moths.  I’m thinking of sending her to boarding school.

More recent pieces which express a more frantic approach










"Who you callin' Goofus McButthead?"

Oh Happy Day with homemade flourless fudge cake and clams (not together, of course)

Bug Turned 12:

This past December the Bug had her 12th birthday, complete with her “first-in-ages party” at a tearoom with her school chums, as well as a special meal at home with a dear older neighbor friend. Already I’m noticing splashes of angst and drama around here—more than usual. This should be an interesting year.

Knitting Projects:

And one of her birthday presents was this nifty “Werewolf Hat” from Vampire Knits. Luckily this took only 2 days to make as I kept telling myself after my trunk show that I’d have plenty of time to make it and continued to work on other crap stuff. Used some extremely soft and thick Rowan Cocoon I’d snagged for 60% off at the 6:00 AM Purlescence Yarns Pajama Jammie Jam Yarn Sale the day after Thanksgiving. Cleverly bought enough to make a pair of Bella Mittens, which I am contemplating making for her to have in time for her class ski trip…we shall see. I hesitate because if I do, she will certainly lose them; if not, I’ll worry about her little fingers.

Will there be room in the Twilight saga for another character?

Finally finally finally finished Amelia! I so desperately needed a cardigan to take to Chicago for Christmas. Hey, it’s cold there. I was literally sewing the vintage buttons on the night before we left.

Then in a mad dash for Christmas morning, as soon as the buttons were on, I began a pair of toe-up Van Dyke Socks from one of my all time fav sock knitting books, “Socks from the Toe Up” by Wendy D. Johnson of Wendy Knits. I used wonderful Blue Moon Socks That Rock “mediumweight” superwash merino from my stash! These were for my darling mother who is to have some foot surgery soon. Let me tell you, this was a fast knit. And you all know I do not knit fast. I knit most of them on the plane and If I hadn’t had so many errands to do in Chicago after I got there, I would’ve finished them both there. As it turned out, I finished the second sock on the plane ride home and will now have to send it back. But I did finish it!!

The second sock

So there were so many other “birds” flapping around my life in addition to the main things I listed here, including helping out a couple of sick friends, getting teacher gifts ready, shopping and mailing christmas presents ahead, getting the old homestead ready for the house/cat sitter, mailing out custom work, holiday breakfasts and lunches with dear friends, designing, addressing, and mailing Christmas cards…just to name a few. But these things are things we all do before the holidays, so to list them in more detail would be a bore.

One thing I promise myself, though: In 2011, no matter what, I will make myself ready for Christmas early so that making fruitcakes and plum puddings,  and my dreams of caroling through the neighborhood like I did as a young teen will be memories I can share with my Bug and her cousins next year. That instead of throwing presents into gift bags from the Dollar Tree (which are actually quite nice), bleary-eyed at 2:45 AM,  I have a day to wrap a few carefully made or chosen gifts beautifully.

I think I’d better get started now. 🙂

Here’s wishing you all, my dear friends, the happiest new year yet!

A slow-simmering pot of luck-inducing Hoppin' John to ring in the new year



4 Responses to “Procrastination, resolution, evolution.”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    Amen to that, darling. Next year, I stop scoffing at the people who are ready for Xmas at Thanksgiving and try to learn a thing or two from them. Their Facebook posts were positively serene! And they probably had more of the real spirit of Xmas: if my kids hadn’t forced me to put up the tree, and the lights and decorate the house in and out, I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it on my own steam. Week before Xmas was like a protracted exhausting nightmare! But if a house ever “needed a little Xmas”, it was ours! Next year, I will be cooking and singing instead of shopping and whining! I promise! Hope the hoppin; John brings you all good luck!


  2. DebbieQ Says:

    Love the hat! Love the socks (no surprise there). I am still working on two Christmas presents that didn’t get finished. Sigh.


  3. Meg Says:

    I shall endeavor to support both you and Darling Cuz in your early Christmas preparations. I say that EVERY YEAR. Let’s resolve to do it this year, shall we?

    I’m cracking UP over Lucy’s paper artwork. But seriously, that cat has talent–get her a mentor. Maybe Pablo PicCatso.

    Happy latelatelate birthday Bug! I’m making something for you and I promise you’ll get it before you turn 13. 🙂


  4. Robin Says:

    Yes, you were right! That hat is amazing!!! When will you be teaching me to make one?


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