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Tagged–I’m it. October 20, 2010

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Well, well. In a million years I never thought I might be “tagged,” mainly because, who really wants me to know any of the odd minutia I’ve trapped in my ancient brain cells?

But tagged I have been by my cyber BFF Deb, of the wonderful (truly one of my favorites) blog,  Stop Her She’s Knitting , and a chick I wish I’d gotten to know better during our junior high (yes, it’s called “junior high,” not “middle school.” I hate that term.) and high school years back in Wheaton… you must read her blog! Wise and hilarious, together at last. Sometimes I even think she’s my twin sister from another mother. Just saying…

Anyway, here goes. Don’t know if it’ll reveal anything enlightening, or even interesting. But I’ll try to dig deep and tell you all the truth.

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Aren't we adorable? I lovelovelove my cousin!


Hmm. For some reason this was tough. I’m not sure if this is because we had lots of fun times back then (we did), or simply because it was so ridiculously long ago (it was). At any rate, I think my favorite memory has to be (and this was not a one time thing) Sunday  and holiday dinners with my cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Gradishar’s place, putting on “shows” for  the grown-ups. We were like 5 or 6. My very first BFF—my darling cuz Laurie—and I would borrow an LP from our Aunt Nancy, and sing a song or two. Too bad there was no karioke back then. I think my favorite performance was me doing Nancy Sinatra’s version of “These Boots are Made for Walkin’,”  and Laurie’s rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s duet with her dad…or as I introduced her: “Here’s my cousin Laurie, singing “Something Stupid.” This innocent comment still cracks up the grown-ups in my family. Oh wait, am I considered a grown-up now? Damn. Oh well.
2. What music makes your heart sing? Why?

Sheesh. I love so many kinds of music. But if I list it all here, you’ll fall asleep, so I shall edit. Hmmm. The music that makes my heart sing is…the soundtrack from “Braveheart.” It sort of trips some kind of past life memory in me, I think, though nothing ancestral. There’s not a lick of anything Gaelic in this Italian/Sloveninan/German chick. But I hear it and my heart just soars. In fact, it seems to stir something in my soul. It is my music of choice when I’m working on my Fantasy novels.
3. What place would you like to travel to the least )?

This is easy. Oh God, oh god, I would hate to go to anyplace super hot, humid, that grows giant bugs. Even Florida’s tough for me sometimes. Like I’m guessing Thailand, Bali, or perhaps Africa would be. Oh yes, and there’s a part B to this for me, since a choice of doing of the former will not likely ever present itself: I will never go camping anywhere (well, never again, anyway. Did it once for Bug to chaperone a school field trip, and nevernevernever again. It was like a 3 day, 2 night sleepover birthday party in the dirt.). Period. I find no joy in communing with nature overnight. Roughing it to me is going to a Super 8 Motel.
4. How do you relax? What hobby recharges you?

Here a picture is worth a thousand words.
5. What do you want people to remember you by?

I hope that by the end of my life, people  will recall that I was a person who was able to make them smile, either through my writing, my creative pursuits such as jewelry-making, drawing, yarn-dying, or just by listening, laughing, and hanging out with them. And that they could count on me to do that.
6. What do you like the most about blogging? What do you like the least?

Very clever question. I love the connections I’ve made with people across the country, old and new friends. And I love the exercise of writing. I don’t like that I screwed around in 7th grade typing class (because I thought I was going to be an artist and thus didn’t need to know how to type) and now suffer from not being able to type fast enough–that is, as fast I think–though I’m way better than I used to be. That makes a blog posting a several hour affair, otherwise I’d certainly post more often.

7. Dogs or cats?

Another easy one for me. I like dogs. They’re cute and goofy and fun. But around here, it’s cats. All cats, all the time. Lovelovelove Cats.

So, now’s my turn to tag some pals:


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Karen at

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And here are my questions for you:

1. Which 5 items would you take with you in a fire (besides your family members and pet(s)?

2. What would your last meal be?

3. Who was your favorite teacher and why?

4. Coffee or tea?

5. Where is your happiest place on earth?

6.What’s been your favorite age (so far)?

7. Do you believe in ghosts? Why/why not?

Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!


6 Responses to “Tagged–I’m it.”

  1. DebbieQ Says:

    Oh I knew you needed to be tagged! And why were we not good friends growing up? It is a question that haunts me.
    #1 – I give you permission not to grow up. I’m not.
    #3 – I guess that means you won’t go with me the next time I go to Africa.
    #4 – I knew I liked you!! But make it a really good glass of Cab or a micro brew and we are good to go. I will be right over.
    #6 – I skipped typing class at WCHS, they let me do that for some reason. So I finally taught myself how to type about 4 years ago. One of the best skills evah!


  2. Cyndy Linebarger Says:

    Hey Kathy!

    Wow, I feel so privileged today to be tagged by you on your wonderful blog!! I always love reading your blog because it is so well-thought out, beautiful to look at, inspiring, and – best of all – funny. In fact, sometimes it is a good thing I am not drinking milk at the time I am reading your blog, because all of a sudden you come up with a real “hum-dinger” and here I would be laughing with the milk coming out my nose! Like, for example, your analogy of camping as being “A sleepover in the dirt”! Perfect! And, so true!

    1. Five things I would Take with me in a Fire (besides pets and family):Assuming I had help to carry it all, I would take: 1. My photo albums and negatives 2. My jewelry (especially the Talisman Rocks collection, bien sur! 3. The things my kids have made for me 4. My Grandma’s china 5. My laptop (?)

    2. What Would My Last Meal Be: Oh definitely something French, like Coquilles St. Jacques, with petits pois, salad nicoise, a little pate foie gras, with a nice glass of champagne and chocolate eclairs for dessert!

    3. Who Was Your Favorite Teacher and Why: My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher Mrs. Amdahl because she was funny and nice. I don’t remember half of what she taught me, but I just remember I loved being in her class every single day and I always wanted to go back to her class and visit her.

    4. Coffee or Tea?: Oh coffee most definitely. It is my worst/favorite vice! I’ll take a hot creamy latte over a watered down tea drink any day of the week. The ironic thing is that going out to Tea is one of my favorite things to do! Sometimes I will make myself drink tea, but it always reminds me of when I was sick as a little girl because that was the only time I drank tea.

    5. My happiest place on Earth: This would have to be either Paris, France, or Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. I love the alps, but the Eiffel Tower is also beckoning me as I become lost in a vacation-happy eye-glzing daydream…..ahhhhhhhhh

    6. What is my Favorite Age so Far?: I think it would definitely be 40. I had my beautiful daughter born to me at age 38, so I was really enjoying being a Mom again, especially to my first little girl. Also, I could still be skinny then. Dan also gave me a new wedding ring to celebrate turning 40, so it was a fun milestone for me.

    7. Do I Believe in Ghosts?: Oh, hard one. Yes, I believe in them, but have I ever seen one? No. And so it is hard for me to believe in them. I don’t think I would really want to run across one, anyway, so it is all just the way I like it right now. Non-scary. Although I would like to take the flashlight tour at the Winchester Mystery House sometime….

    Wow, that was fun. Now I really would like to hear your answers, too! Will you be posting those as well???? If so, I can’t wait!

    Have a wonderful week!



  3. Darling Cuz Says:

    Gotta think about those questions and get back to you. But I want all of your readers to know you did a pretty mean Julie Andrews imitation in your day too!


  4. Darling Cuz Says:

    Great questions/ OK, here goes:

    1.none – I’d be out of there so fast. And talk about a great feng shui moment! (nothing else really matters)
    2. Spaghetti Carbonara, a great rare steak (with a bottle of Bonny Doon Big House Red — if it’s my last meal, and I know it, I don’t want to know it anymore) and a piece of potica,
    3.Ann Loux — great St. Mary’s English Lit teacher who introduced me to my favorite writers: Flannery O’Connor, Virginia Woolf and Eudora Welty. Close second, Peg Cain, cool Senior English teacher at Nazareth who was dry and droll and taught the class like we were in college.
    4.not particular about which, but the DH brings me coffee every morning so who am I to say no?
    5. My car, driving around aimlessly around the countryside at sunset/twilight with my kids with some great tunes blasting.
    6. 20’s.
    7. I believe in ghosts but like your friend above, I’ve never encountered one for real and not sure if I ever want to. I am not brave.

    Love your answers above and I concur with almost everything, especially the great family memories, the knitting + alcohol, the not camping!


  5. Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook Says:

    Hey Kath –

    Never been tagged before and just happened to see your posting on FB, read your blog and there I was! Hmmmmm…

    Q1(5 items would you take with you in a fire, besides your family members and pets): (1-5) All original artwork, including jewelry (waaaaay more than 5 – so I cheat!!!).

    Q2 (last meal) Indian veg thali… Bottomless bottle of Shiraz… Something chocolate… Mmmmmmmmmm… Pack of menthol cigs… (I quit 21 years ago, but hey, if it’s my last meal!)

    Q3 (favorite “formal” teacher) Maybe Mrs. Stecholtz (high school chem) or David Meizel (Astronomy at SUNY Geneseo); but favorite “informal” teachers are family (including the kitties) and friends – impossible to pick just one…

    Q4 (coffee or tea) Is there a question here? Coffee! Cafe au lait to be precise!

    Q5 (happiest place on earth) Any place family (including the kitties) and friends are at. Of course, there would be many bottles of wine there also…

    Q6 (favorite age) 29 – Just married, lived near the folks, many friends – happy times!

    Q7 (believe in ghosts/why/why not) Oh, yeah! I do absolutely. We’re surrounded by them. They keep us from doing stupid things, most of the time anyway. They protect us and remind us to do the right thing. I get great advice all the time from dearly departed family and friends… Wish I could get in touch with Heath Ledger though… he’s my favorite actor and I miss him as if he was an actual friend… Must have known him in another life…

    Be well, my sweetie and best to all!



  6. Meg Says:

    Oh dear, I’m woefully late in responding to this! I’m working on a response and will post it PUBLICLY on my blog. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ve loved learning a little more about you (and I know there’s so much more to learn about you in this lifetime). I have such a hard time believing you don’t type as fast as you think. You’ve cranked out several novels fercripessakes! How do you do it?


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