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Falling in love again October 3, 2010

Yes, friends. It’s happened again I’m afraid.

Oh dear no; of course this has nothing to do with CR.

No, this has everything to do with finding a new book full of knitting patterns I adore. Oh, the possibilities.

The Global Cable Coat--will use up my Cascade Ecological Wool!

You see, around here we love our books. There are stacks of them everywhere. And even though I try to make regular donations of them to friends, the retirement home, and the local library, they just seem to multiply. It’s as if we see a bit of space on the bookshelves (or the floor beside the bed of couch) and think, “Hey, there something missing there—oh yes, a book!” And then the spot gets filled up.

It’s okay when the book comes off the bookshelves in the office. The trouble is, however, the place where my love of books intersects with my love of yarn and all things knitting. Sigh. Big problem.

To that end I decided a few years ago, that I would not buy any knitting books unless there were at the very least 3 patterns I adored and was planning to knit. And I’ve done really well in keeping that promise to myself. It’s easy especially since I have pals who often share their books, and I can go to the library to find patterns, and also because Ravelry allows many patterns to be purchased individually, which is in itself a great help in keeping the stash of books down.

But recently while perusing Amazon, I came across this:

Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman

Okay, to me, not the best title. It’s the subtitle that actually told me that the book featured patterns that came from some of my favorite knitting bloggers. And while I was unfamiliar with the author, Julie Turjoman, I was excited to see that all the lovely photography was by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed (love him, even though that soul-eating yet lovely Koolhaas Hat was the fruit of his evil ingenuity), and that there was a foreword by Jess Forbes of Ravelry.

The Silke Jacket--Be still my heart!

Flipping (virtually) through the pages, I felt my heart begin to race but firmly reminded myself that there had to be at least 3 patterns I Loved. Firmly because the last book I bought on Amazon, Modern Top-Down Knitting,

was more than disappointing. I ordered it in a moment of weakness after a rather pissy day to cheer myself up, after all, it was top-down knitting—my favorite way to construct a sweater bar none. But after I went through that book several times, page by page, I must say that only one design piqued my interest, and I even was forcing it at that, so I am returning that book.

No, I had to find 3 designs I Loved.

To my surprise dear friends, there were not just 3, but at least 5 designs in this book I not only loved, but had to actually make come hell or high water. I “One-Clicked” and it was done.

And when the book finally arrived and I tore open the box, finally able to look at all the patterns and read their yarn and gauge requirements, my infatuation became a deep and abiding sort of love. Not just 5 designs spoke to me, but rather, at least 12 designs screamed my name. Further, it seems that I have yarn in my stash that would suffice to make each of the required sweaters. (alright, no snarky comments about my stash here. I am well aware that the stash is excessive. And frankly, I know there are those who have far more than I. At least I’m looking for ways to use it up)

Simply, this book is a intoxicating collection of  tempting ways to keep myself busy, use up my stash, and with any luck be sporting some swanky new sweaters over the next season or two. Sure there are a few I wouldn’t be caught dead in, or at the very least, caught spending $$ on for yarn. Still, this book’s going to see a lot of use from me.

The Milk Maiden Pullover!

In fact I can tell you that Brave New Knits (gee, I wish it had a better name) is going on my list of “Top Ten Knitting Books to Rescue in a Fire. That’s a companion list to my “Top Ten Cookbooks to Rescue in a Fire.”

Helix Socks How fun are these?

What about those WIPs and UFOs I mentioned over the last blog or two, you may ask? Well, Amelia’s coming along nicely. Halfway done with the first sleeve; the second sleeve should take just a few days, and then on to the yoke. If I keep at it, perhaps a week and a half of knitting. Oh I wish I could knit faster. The other two UFOs, the Lion Collar Cardigan, and the Composed Mitts are sitting patiently waiting for me to finish Amelia. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be putting a new cardigan on the needles before I finish them or not. I suppose I shouldn’t, they’ve been waiting there in the studio closet so patiently and all…

Why do I have this feeling I’m about to commit knitting adultery?

Yet another lovely shawl from Ysolda Teague... the Orchid Thief Shawlette

Foxgloves...the yarn is gorgeous!


5 Responses to “Falling in love again”

  1. Laura Young Says:

    I want the milk maiden pullover!!!! These are so gorgeous…makes me want to take up knitting.


  2. Darling Cuz Says:

    Because you are! Knitting monogamy is so over-rated. Seriously, that SIlkie jacket? The Orchid Thief shawl? TO DIE FOR! I just read about this book, but having been well-schooled by my darling cuz to honor the 3-designs-to-die-for rule, I have been trying to stay away from books altogether. My Amazon random page thing wasn’t yielding up much for this one, but just what you’ve featured here is fabulous.

    And a true knitter would never say anything snarky about your stash. But might try to break in and abscond with it. Just saying…


  3. DebbieQ Says:

    We need more hours in the day to knit. My “to knit” list is growing faster than I can keep up!!


  4. Meg Says:

    Oh yeah, I’m also digging the Woodsmoke Scarf and Hydrangea Neckwarmer, in addition to Milk Maiden and Silkie. Lots of nice patterns in this book! Now I’ve added “Make list of top 10 knitting and cook and gardening books to rescue in a fire.” A very useful list indeed! My vote is for you to finish those projects you have on the needles. It’s fun (in a twisted sort of way) to be haunted about our unfinished projects, but we do occasionally need the satisfaction that comes with actually finishing (and WEARING) the darned things!

    Excuse me while I go finish my Swing Cardigan that I almost finished last year.


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