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Hey, who turned up the heat?! September 27, 2010

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Or is just me?

If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the Autumnal Equinox—not the Vernal Equinox—just last Thursday? In fact, last Tuesday, I actually heard the furnace go on in the middle of the night.  It was around 64 degrees in the house.

But today the thermometer is hovering around 93 degrees, for which I suppose I should be grateful since it was around 97 on Saturday. And it will continue to be in the 90s until at least Friday.

It really doesn’t matter what the exact number on the thermometer is anyway, because to me, any temperature over 78 is too hot. I hate hot weather. I hate cooking and cleaning in it. I hate being sick in it (Bug brought home a cold from her school trip and of course shared it with me). I hate trying to sleep in it. Despise it.  Makes me crankier than I care to admit. After all, you can only remove so many layers of clothing before you run out of stuff to take off. And have you ever tried snuggling when it’s hot outside? (Okay, all you smarties with AC don’t count)

It's Ameila! Just a few more rows until I can start the sleeves! Yippee!

Worst of all, this stupid heat wave puts a serious crimp in my desire to knit on my Amelia, as well as to resurrect the knitting of my fluffy wuffy Lion Neck Cardigan, and my Composed Mitts, neither of which got finished last year, even though I enjoyed knitting them both immensely, especially the stranded work in the mitts. But who wants a pile of wool in your lap when you don’t have AC?

Lovely "Self-Composed Mitts" will be on the needles again soon!

The conundrum here is the fact that once it truly  gets cold around here, there will be little warm for to wear since I gave so many sweaters away last winter during the renovation. Okay, I do have 3 sweaters… But the fact is, there’s so much yarn around here, there’s no reason for me to have nothing handknit to wear. I could knit night and day (oh that would be heaven) and still not reach the bottom of my stash any time soon. Although in fairness, even though I have stuff on the needles all the time, I often get sidetracked with making gifties—oh how I love making gifties—and working on jewelry, not to mention just the basic care of my family. Ah well.

At least I’ll be working on the sleeves to the Amelie Cardi as soon as it chills out a bit here. I would’ve been working on them already, however I decided I needed an extra inch in the overall length of the cardi since I am longwaisted. But with any luck, I’ll have the whole sweater finished before it gets good and cold around here.

Famous last words. 😉


2 Responses to “Hey, who turned up the heat?!”

  1. Meg Says:

    Hear hear, it was TOO HOT on the autumnal equinox around here too! And seriously, almost as hot as you had it (high of 89) with high winds. Hard to celebrate fall when you’ve got a hot wind blasting you over. Here’s hoping it’s starting to cool down so you can resume your woolly knitting projects. I want to see those Composed Mitts on your pretty hands.


  2. Darling Cuz Says:

    OK, you two, but when the cold winds of January come endlessly screeching, remember how much heat you’ve got banked over from this summer/fall. (At least that’s what I’m using to pay the gas bill this winter) You’re gonna need it! Of course, there’s always hot flashes!

    The Amelia is lovely — can’t wait to see it on you!


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