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Knitting and wine…so divine! September 21, 2010

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A little Pinot Grigio, a little Dream in Color, a bit of twisted rib stitch...bliss!

You’ll be proud of me; I’ve been working hard toward achieving my yearly list of goals. So hard, though, I’ve forgotten to post. However, I have been knitting on my Amelie Cardigan, playing with our little black Beanie Baby with teeth (lordy, she chews everything. Just the other day CR brought in the mouse from our dinosaur computer to show me the cord had been chewed nearly in half, its little wire guts sticking out everywhere.), and making new jewels for my holiday open house.

Oh yes, and I’ve also been a copycat, too:

Home baked bread makes the house smell so good!

Turned out reasonably well, but I’ve never been known for my baking ability–more like inability.  My sister, now there’s a baker. For a better, more complete idea of what I attempted to bake, see my  BFF Meggie’s blog post here:

She’s an amazing baker!

Think I’ll make this bread into awesome French Toast this weekend…

Well, gotta scram! Be in touch soon!


4 Responses to “Knitting and wine…so divine!”

  1. DebbieQ Says:

    Wine and yarn go together so well. And I have bread rising right now. Yum


  2. Bonnie Says:

    Hey Kath – At least your LOOKS like bread! I use my magic bread maker! Best to all – B


  3. Darling Cuz Says:

    You ladies are putting me to shame. Although I have the wine part down pat.


  4. Meg Says:

    You’re a genius! I never thought of making french toast with it! That does it — french Yorkshire Breakfast Bread toast this weekend. I also never thought of drinking wine whilst knitting, but that’s probably a good thing–the end result might end up looking about as frightening as the mouse that Lucy chewed. 🙂


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