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Hey, who turned up the heat?! September 27, 2010

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Or is just me?

If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the Autumnal Equinox—not the Vernal Equinox—just last Thursday? In fact, last Tuesday, I actually heard the furnace go on in the middle of the night.  It was around 64 degrees in the house.

But today the thermometer is hovering around 93 degrees, for which I suppose I should be grateful since it was around 97 on Saturday. And it will continue to be in the 90s until at least Friday.

It really doesn’t matter what the exact number on the thermometer is anyway, because to me, any temperature over 78 is too hot. I hate hot weather. I hate cooking and cleaning in it. I hate being sick in it (Bug brought home a cold from her school trip and of course shared it with me). I hate trying to sleep in it. Despise it.  Makes me crankier than I care to admit. After all, you can only remove so many layers of clothing before you run out of stuff to take off. And have you ever tried snuggling when it’s hot outside? (Okay, all you smarties with AC don’t count)

It's Ameila! Just a few more rows until I can start the sleeves! Yippee!

Worst of all, this stupid heat wave puts a serious crimp in my desire to knit on my Amelia, as well as to resurrect the knitting of my fluffy wuffy Lion Neck Cardigan, and my Composed Mitts, neither of which got finished last year, even though I enjoyed knitting them both immensely, especially the stranded work in the mitts. But who wants a pile of wool in your lap when you don’t have AC?

Lovely "Self-Composed Mitts" will be on the needles again soon!

The conundrum here is the fact that once it truly  gets cold around here, there will be little warm for to wear since I gave so many sweaters away last winter during the renovation. Okay, I do have 3 sweaters… But the fact is, there’s so much yarn around here, there’s no reason for me to have nothing handknit to wear. I could knit night and day (oh that would be heaven) and still not reach the bottom of my stash any time soon. Although in fairness, even though I have stuff on the needles all the time, I often get sidetracked with making gifties—oh how I love making gifties—and working on jewelry, not to mention just the basic care of my family. Ah well.

At least I’ll be working on the sleeves to the Amelie Cardi as soon as it chills out a bit here. I would’ve been working on them already, however I decided I needed an extra inch in the overall length of the cardi since I am longwaisted. But with any luck, I’ll have the whole sweater finished before it gets good and cold around here.

Famous last words. 😉


Knitting and wine…so divine! September 21, 2010

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A little Pinot Grigio, a little Dream in Color, a bit of twisted rib stitch...bliss!

You’ll be proud of me; I’ve been working hard toward achieving my yearly list of goals. So hard, though, I’ve forgotten to post. However, I have been knitting on my Amelie Cardigan, playing with our little black Beanie Baby with teeth (lordy, she chews everything. Just the other day CR brought in the mouse from our dinosaur computer to show me the cord had been chewed nearly in half, its little wire guts sticking out everywhere.), and making new jewels for my holiday open house.

Oh yes, and I’ve also been a copycat, too:

Home baked bread makes the house smell so good!

Turned out reasonably well, but I’ve never been known for my baking ability–more like inability.  My sister, now there’s a baker. For a better, more complete idea of what I attempted to bake, see my  BFF Meggie’s blog post here:

She’s an amazing baker!

Think I’ll make this bread into awesome French Toast this weekend…

Well, gotta scram! Be in touch soon!


Resolutions September 9, 2010

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The completed Shetland Triangle, modeled by Bug

Recently after reviewing last year’s list of 10 things I’d hoped to accomplish, I must admit I felt a bit defeated. What had I accomplished? Well, if I look closely at those pie-in-the-sky dreams of mine, very little. You might think so, too. Let’s examine that list, shall we?

(From August 30, 2009)

10. Sew a bunch of aprons and hobo bags in vintagey fabrics

September ’10 update: Hahaha–Sewing machine and fabric completely inaccessible due to being packed away for renovation. Result? Many t-shirts ruined due to cooking-related disasters.

9. Take new pictures of jewelry for Etsy and my website

September ’10 update: Yeah, right. Need to make jewelry to photograph it.

8. Lose 20 pounds…again (yarn diet does not count)

September ’10 update: I can’t even begin to address this one.

7. Work out at least 4x per week

September ’10 update: This one either. And by the way, purging, packing, and moving at least 50 boxes of crapola (2 or 3 times, mind you) does not count as I didn’t see the scale change a bit despite that extra exercise. Painting doesn’t count either.

6.  Meditate daily (but not while working out)

September ’10 update: Did manage this for 15 minutes most evenings before bedtime. Might have done more, but passed out after 15 minutes nearly every time.

5. Plan and start mini renovation on this old house

September ’10 update: Okay–this one, success! But I think I might have been insane considering it to be a “mini renovation.” It really ended up being the whole thing and then some. Not to mention it really dominated every second of my life once it was started. And even though we still have to paint the outside and work on our landscaping, I’m happy.

4. Open new TalismanKnits shop on Etsy to sell knitterly jewelry and stitch markers

September ’10 update: Still working on this and planning on adding hand-dyed yarn. Working on name and logo–will probably be called Twist and Shout Studio. By the way, if you have any other thoughts regarding name ideas, I would love to hear it! You all are a clever bunch.

Here's my latest WIP: The "Amelia" Sweater. Quick project---already up to the waist shaping!

3. Finish 1 knitting project per month (2 if small) (utilizing stash only)

September ’10 update: I did finish 11 projects this past year, so I did okay on that count. Unfortunately, I frogged 2 of them, so I guess I only did 9. And I did—once—break my “stash only” rule by buying yarn for the Bug’s February Lady sweater—I let her pick it out.

2. Blog at least 2x per week

September ’10 update: Okay, started out pretty well on accomplishing that one. However, this being the year of the Swine Flu and The Cough That Wouldn’t Quit, I fell down a bit there. The computer crashing twice screwed me up, too.

1. Finish novel and send out queries

September ’10 update: This one breaks my heart. Lost my most recent chapters due to those computer crashes ((Big sucking sound here)) and found it nearly impossible to continue due to extreme grieving. On the up side, I learned about external hard drives.

Well, needless to say, I over-reached last year, and for those of you who know me well, not a surprise since my arms are long and I do it all the time.

But recently after pouring my heart to a dear, and I might add, extremely wise BFF, she took a long drink of her latte and recommended that perhaps I should consider cutting my list in half. Why didn’t I think of that?

So to that end, my new and improved list of resolutions for the upcoming year are:

5.  Workout 4x/week

4. Restock my Talisman Rocks Etsy Shop

3. Open my Twist and Shout Etsy Shop

2. Blog 2x or more per week (provided I have something worth saying…LOL)

1. Get that novel finished!

Of course the knitting, sewing, and dieting will be ongoing, and occasionally all resolutions may be overshadowed by a pressing and unavoidable project (such as taxes or house-painting). But I am certainly not the kind of person who believes resolutions (or promises, for that matter) are made to be broken.

Wish me luck.

p.s. For those of you who asked, Little Miss Lucy is just a darling bundle of energy. Here’s a little video to remind you of what having a kitten is like. I must say that it’s been 19 years since we had anything resembling a kitten around here. Eye-opening, let me tell you! She’s the busiest kitty I ever had the pleasure of inviting into our household. Nothing earth-shattering to watch, it’s just we are amazed at how much she likes to play, even with herself! Have a chuckle! she comes through her little tunnel!

p.p.s. Sorry for all the italics! Just feeling emphatic, I guess. 😉


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