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Hat’s Off! Travels with the Bug… July 23, 2010

Well, just in case you’ve been looking for me, here I am…Chicago. Yep. Surely my favorite place on the planet. For a variety of reasons, but mostly because my dearest friends and family (and some of you are both!) are here. Sadly, we have to wait a bit for Captain Romance to join us, though, since he’s such a hard worker.

And once again, I apologize for taking so very long to post. It’s just that I’m still rather under the weather, so I haven’t had as much energy as I thought I would’ve. At any rate, this will be a long (and some of you will say endless) post with many pictures to make up for my absence as many things have been going on (nothing waits for me to be 100% well around here).

So about a week ago, we left on a jet plane.

Hey stewardess--got any peanuts?

As you can see, the Bug was quite excited and it’s not just because she was sporting that jaunty cap (which you will see repeatedly in this post as she’s quite enamored of the thing). She knew that Momma and Poppa would be waiting and she’d be with her cousins soon. I was excited, too, but I did not allow her to take any photos of me–too scary! You’ll just have to trust me on that.

Our first adventure was to attend the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show with my most favoritest group of knitting gal-pals in the universe. You know, as I sit here, I’m thinking that we (this little knitting group of ours) should really have a moniker. Frankly my head is a bit too fuzzy right now to come up with anything. Do any of you dear readers out there have any ideas? Perhaps I’ll be able to come up with a wee reward for a good name for our little group of intrepid knitters…say a pair of my new earrings (currently being twisted into shape)?

Anyway, we got there early on Friday morning (as you can see, the hat made it here), zooped through the booths oohing and ahhing over skeins and batts and bunnies too.

Giant angora bunnies! Big as a Bug!!

Giant bunnies. Reminded me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Remember: “Killer rabbits!” ? But they were actually very cute and I digress. I was extremely good and purchased only 2 skeins at The Fold, and happily achieved my objective of finding Franklin Habit and getting him to autograph my copy of his book. What a sweet and gracious fella!

Next adventure involved having a “Girls’s Day Out” with my Bug. Down to the city on the train (did you know that you could get one of the best bratwurst sandwiches on the planet in the train station at the Chicago Hot Dog stand? OMG)…to the top of the John Hancock Building (can you believe they actually expect us to call it “Big John”? Never in my life have I heard it called that. Really…Sheesh.) and a lovely day for some fun photos .

In the John Hancock Plaza. Fab Motown group performing there!

This was the Bug’s (and the hat’s) first trip to the top of an honest-to-goodness skyscraper, and she couldn’t believe how many pools there were on top of the other buildings.

The Sears Tower fits in the palm of her hand, haha!

She has now decided to make a million dollars someday and buy an apartment in one of those buildings so she can live in the city. I remember wanting to do that myself, once…still wouldn’t be against it!

Then we were off across the street to the American Girl Store, a bit of shopping, and a Girl’s Lunch together. How delightful! I think the Bug enjoyed it. It was all so cute and well thought out. I’m guessing that there were many focus groups filled with 7 to 12 year olds in the planning stages of this place. A real girlie dreamsicle of a place, it was. They served a four course lunch, with our favorite course being dessert…of course: ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chocolate mousse in a tiny flowerpot with chocolat cookie “dirt,” a butterfly sugar cookie, and an angel food cake flower…sweet. Really. By the way, that is sparkling cider in the Bug’s glass, not an Old Style!

After conversing with some sweet old horses, we hopped in a cab and headed back to the train and home…exhausted, sweaty, but happy.

Will wonders never cease...I done wore out the Bug!


And oh yes, I finished Poppa’s Socks! Yippee! They’re a perfect fit, but I must say, I still have some issues with the binding off of toe-up socks. I mean, they look kinda ruffley…and this isn’t the first time this has happened.

I made a pair a couple of years ago and had the same issue. This time I used the Russian Bind-off from the Wendy Johnson “Socks From the Toe Up” Book. Not convinced this is the best bind off. Must try another.

Anyway, I think Pops is happy with them…they look good on him.

Loved working with the Shibui Yarn! I think it's my favorite sock yarn.

Well, I’m off to knit a bit on a shawl I started, as well as a little design experiment…more on that later. Have a wunnerful day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yes, and if you do come up with a great name for my little group of knitting buds, I will send you a pair of earrings when I get home. Seriously! Happy thinkin’!

Almost too cute to eat!


5 Responses to “Hat’s Off! Travels with the Bug…”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    Am so glad you and the Bug are here and having a wonderful time in your ole beautiful city. What a lovely post. We do need a name for our little merry band. (PS Tell Uncle Poppa he could use some sun! ๐Ÿ™‚ )


  2. DebbieQ Says:

    Your knitting group must have a name, it makes all the difference. My group, Tri-County Knitaholics, are a nutty bunch.

    And as far as toe up sock bind off goes, the Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Sewn Bind-off”. It is perfect and stretchy and just the thing for toe up. My sock life was complete when I found it…..

    Well maybe not complete but certainly much easier.


    • kathy Says:

      Thanks, Deb! I will definitely try the sewn bind-off on Captain Romance’s Birthday Socks when I reach that wonderful day I get to the end of them. You can imagine how long when the feet are size 13.
      Any thoughts on a name for our group? A pair of earrings goes to the winner…


  3. Meg Smith Says:

    Woo! It’s so great you’re here, and so fun to see the pics of you and Is enjoying Chicago. Which is, sadly, something we almost never do! And we LIVE here! Shame on us. Hope you’re enjoying the break in the weather too. Can’t wait to see you all again! Maybe by then I’ll come up with some name suggestions.


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