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Tasteless. June 28, 2010

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So, here’s something in the realm of “I never thought this would happen to me.”

I have completely lost my sense of smell, and therefore also, taste.

It’s so unreal that it seems freakish. I keep tasting and smelling things, thinking that surely I’ll find something that I can taste, but no.

Can I tell you how unbelievably frustrating it is that I gave in to a potato chip craving yesterday, and found I was unable to satisfy that craving? I could not taste one damn chip.

After doing a bit of investigating online, I think I can trace this horrible side effect to what I was hoping would be a miracle drug: Levaquin. You know, after years and years in the pharmaceutical business, I am well aware that drugs have their side effects and such. but this one has gotten me two doosies: This loss of taste, and depression. And I thought I was just bummed about not being able to get rid of this cough. Ah well. No more Levaquin for me.

Seriously, I hope this loss of taste thing isn’t permanent. As I write this, I am sipping a nice strong cup of coffee that tastes like hot water. I made the most scrumptious blueberry pound cake last night which I couldn’t smell at all. Even a kalamata olive had no flavor.

Oh woe is me. Seriously. I have always appreciated my sense of smell. It helped me figure out how to duplicate things from restaurants that we loved. I adore the scent of the Bug’s curls, of fresh skeins of wool, the smell of chlorine on a bathing suit, my English roses. I pray this is temporary, but what if it isn’t?

And after all of this, I still have this insane cough, although at least it’s not whooping cough (yes, we all thought it was that for a while–the culture was normal) or pneumonia. But these coughing fits turn you inside out. Literally.

I mean, I wanted to lose weight, but this is ridiculous.

Well, if you can’t taste the food, why bother eating, right?

Sorry for the rant. I just feel so helpless that I don’t know what to do any more.


No turkeys allowed here. June 23, 2010

Nope. Not gonna ’em get me down. Even though I’ve had a crappy sinus infection for the last three weeks that’s scoffed at the antibiotics (even the second round punch of Levaquin, which is about as strong as you can get before they have to admit you to the hospital and deliver stuff in an iv–sheesh), and exacerbated my asthma to the point of needing prednisone (evil stuff). I’m here to say I’m keeping those turkeys far away, ’cause I’ve got life to live, stuff to do, and things to knit.

Seriously. I really haven’t been myself lately.

It all started with the cold my darling Bug brought home from that petrie dish of a school of hers. This was about the time of the carpet redo. She missed nearly the entire last 2 weeks of school, as this cold headed straight for her sinuses and then took a turn into her lungs. She was up all night for days, me with her, using the nebulizer and all other sorts of OTC cough preps, as well as good old honey. Nothing worked, and needless to say, no one got any rest.

And then it was my turn.  Poor CR had to retreat to the guest room to get even a little bit of peace so he could sleep.

Thankfully the Bug seems nearly well, now. I’m just starting to feel a little better, thanks to the Levaquin and Nyquil cocktail I’ve been treating myself to every night for the last few days.

What I hate most about being sick is how much of my life I feel like I’m wasting. I miss my friends. The house goes to hell. I lose my ability to cook. Bug and I don’t get to do fun stuff, like go to the park, or swim. And forget enjoying a gin and tonic or two.

We did try to do some fun family things, such as take a little trip to the ocean. The air was cold and fresh and it felt good. Bug got to run around in the icy water with CR.

Chasing waves is fun!

Oh dear, a new obsession.

Bug and I went to Purlescence, our LYS, and we took a yarn-dying class together.  Mmm. Loved it!

A little side note, Molly Ringwald popped into the shop for some stash enhancement while we were there, however, we were out on the loading dock with our hands in wet yarn. This was especially funny to me because about ten years ago I was shopping in NYC at the amazing decorating store, ABC Carpet and Home, when Molly Ringwald comes around a table stacked with alarm clocks and vases, stops a couple of feet in front of me, smiles, and says “Hi” like she knew me (my mother said maybe she thought I was Demi Moore–I wish). Friendly person that I am, I said “Hi,” back. And then, realizing she didn’t know me, turned heel and disappeared behind a display of satin throw pillows, while I stood there doing my best impersonation of a deer in the headlights.

And that was like, one of my only famous person encounters. At least an up-close one. So, how strange that she’d be where I was again. On the other side of the country, no less. Of course I didn’t see her this time. I wonder if she would’ve remembered me.

Being sick has given me a bit more time (or an excuse, anyway) to knit. I’ve finally been working on my “Something Rum Raisin. Sleeves are done. Doing the button band today, and then she’s cooked. Did I say I hate button bands?

And I must say that I’m finishing this cardigan, not only because I need it, and because I started it a year ago (!), but also so that I can justify starting this new Wendy Bernard Pattern: Jordan. This top is exactly the dressy-casual, tunic-lengthy top I’ve been looking for; something that looks like I put some thought into my outfit, but it’ll be comfy made in luscious Euroflax linen. Gawd, I wish I could knit faster.

Next up, a Destroyed Cowl or 2.

I have the perfect Malabrigo for it, however I think I’ll start the first one in the Blue Moon Fibers LSS I scored at Stitches West last February. That was Darling Cuz’s idea! Thanks!! She’s gonna do one, too. And be finished long before I start mine, I’ll bet. 🙂

My two pairs of 2-at-a-time socks for the 2 guys in my life are just taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r. They are perfect for perfectly mindless knitting. I will keep to them. Just remind me how long it takes to knit socks for a guy next time I think I can whip up a quick gift. Soul eating.

Well, I’m not going to think about those right now…

I pushed myself to make curtains for the Bug’s room. Now she can sleep late. Egads, is she becoming a teen? Now I have to work on some shades for some peculiar windows that face our bed. More on that another day.

So, very little bit, by very little bit, I’m coming back, but I really need to get up my strength so that I’m ready for the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair in a few weeks. Big plans.

Will I get to see you there?


I beg your pardon… June 5, 2010

Of course it had to be this finger.

…I do not mean to be saying what it looks like I’m saying.  It’s just a sprain, and evidence that lately I cannot multi-task with any degree of success. How it happened is not important. It’s just another day in my life, lately. And frankly, it’s not pretty.

In fact, this will not be a pretty blog, full of pretty blog pictures like so many I read.

This post is sort of a testament that I still have much much to do in here.

How embarrassing is this?

And outside.

There is flotsam and jetsam tucked here and there.

It’s in corners, but mostly it’s stacked on flat surfaces.

I learned once from watching one of those home organization shows that I am a “stacker.” No, not a slacker, a stacker. So true. I organize by making little piles of stuff, and then spreading them out across a flat surface. My kind of disorganization is supposedly remedied by “horizontal filing.” So what I bought to tidy myself up was one of those stacks of trays that allow you to have multiple stacks of stuff in one desktop footprint. I did this in my studio space and I must admit it worked pretty well. However, now those trays are inaccessible and frankly, would need to go to the ceiling to do any good.

There is nothing I can say about this...


And the POD. Oh Evil POD that hides your stuff away and lulls you into thinking that all you see inside your house is all you have. Especially evil because in this land of no basements (and in Eichlers, no attics, either), what you see is indeed, what you have to contend with. Oh POD, I despise you.

And as you all can see, here is evidence that there absolutely is even more crapola stuff to cram into whatever space I can find put away in our little house (even though there are are a fair number of empty, unbroken-down-yet boxes in there).

The only answer is the garage. And today is the annual “Get it the heck outta my life” day. Yes, of course I try to regularly dump stuff from the garage, but I’m at the point where I need CR’s muscles. And besides, some of this stuff is his and I don’t want to make any decisions on his stuff. But the bulk of it is “ours” and indeed, quite a lot of it is the Bug’s. As she is getting older and (finally) parting with her stuffed animal collection and toys, the garage is the first stage of releasing it. Instead of just clearing everything in her room and giving what we clear directly to Goodwill, it goes into plastic bags and gets put on the shelf in the garage for 3 months. If she hasn’t asked for it by that time, then it goes so that some other kid will be able to love it.

Anyway, I’m off to tackle this stuff. Wish me luck. Hopefully I won’t sprain the other hand in the process.


It’s getting better all the time… June 1, 2010

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Everything stacked in the kitchen last week has now found its way home

When will it end? I’ve been asking myself that for weeks, now.

Slowly, surely, it seems to be getting better. Forget the “light at the end of the tunnel.” Instead, I long “for emptiness all the way to the back of the POD.”  No kidding.

First, addressing the “Painted furniture incident, (as the Bug refers to it)” I took a deep breath–frankly a double gin and tonic was what I really wanted, but there was new carpeting to be considered now–and  a paint scraper, and set to work taking off all the nasty paint off the furniture. Sheesh. What a task.Kind of like peeling chipping old nail polish off.

I confess I started gingerly with a bit of sandpaper, but when I saw how it was coming up in strips, I started with the scraper, keeping the blade cover on, and then progressed, almost defiantly, to an unsheathed razor blade. It came up in long wide ribbons like pappardelle. Satisfying.


Even so, it took 2 full days of scraping, and another full day of painting to finish the furniture.

Finished scraping; ready for new paint

The next part involved 3 days of painting to finish the walls of the Bug’s room, as well as the ceiling. But it’s finally over–at least for now, because I still need to sew curtains and a bedspread, but that will have to wait until we finish unpacking the POD. Joy.

I am so looking forward finishing this project and getting our life back to its plain old craziness. I miss being able to decide I’d like to sit and write for the day, or make some new jewelry, or heck, just start/finish another knitting project.

It's getting there...

Oh well, I’ll just keep on truckin’, like we used to say. I’m getting there. Really. Luckily CR dragged in dozens of boxes and reusable grocery bags (that’s momma’s tip: use those great Trader Joe’s reusable grocery bags, or doubled up brown bags, to pack books in. much easier on your back to move them than boxes, and you can easily see what’s inside) to refile the office and the Bug’s bookcases. We love books around here, so this took many hours yesterday.

In fact yesterday was more like Labor Day, than Memorial Day.

By the way, I’d just like to publicly give my thanks to all those who put bravely themselves in harm’s to make the world a safer place for me and my loved ones. That’s real hard work, and I am most grateful.

Anyway, if I could just find time to finish those secret birthday socks. Just 4 days to go and 1/2 inch to the heel turn. I love making gifties, but I really feel like being selfish with my knitting projects for a while…

Size 13...will they never end?


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