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Mother, may I? May 10, 2010

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Waking up this morning with a “love hangover” from a delightful Mother’s Day spoiling, I thought I’d have something pithy and profound (LOL) to say about this holiday designed by savvy marketers. But no, I’m simply grateful to be able to celebrate this holiday.

Gorgeous "Gertrude Jekyll" roses...smell like heaven

Of course, I will always have the world’s most wonderful mother to celebrate. Mama is the most caring and selfless mother I’ve ever known. She always made sure I had something pretty wear for special occasions, usually sewing my outfits. I recall vividly a darling pair of plaid taffeta hot pants with a velvet bolero. Don’t laugh too hard–it was the 70s and I was 11 or 12. And you would’ve been jealous if you’d seen me in them. hahaha. I cannot count the times she’s traveled to help me with moving, or surviving some illness. Although this last little project of mine, well, let’s just say that poor Mama was worn out before she could get here, and I’ll not say by whom…you know who you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ At any rate, nowadays, as long as I (at least) have “Virtual Mama,” that is, a frantic phone call for reassurance and help organizing my frazzled mind, I can muster up my reserves and continue. So, lucky me and my siblings–to have a smart, talented, tough, and loving mother to thank for all her selflessness and love. I do my sorry best to emulate her as a mother.

So far, roasting a fabulous chicken, sewing cute outfits for Bug, and making sure the kiddo is snug in her bed each night are about the best I can do. But I’m working on it.

I am blessed also to have a caring husband in CR, and the most precious and bright loving little Bug to remind me that for all my faults and mistakes I might be on the right track when it comes to being a mom. Never as good as Mama, but good enough in my own way.

To that end, I was showered with a day of riches so full as to give me a “love hangover” (as previously mentioned), starting with coffee, shirred eggs, bacon (the good kind) at the dining room table–we opted for the table as we had enough eating in bed during the renovation to last a lifetime. I got lovely handmade cards and socks from the Bug, and from CR, a massage at a spa to be used sometime soon. In fact, since I have to jump into packing up for the new bedroom carpet with both feet today as soon as I post this, the spa massage will be especially welcome.

The finishing touches to a fab dinner in CR's capable hands...

For lunch, the Bug made her own nummy concoction of PastaRoni with LeSeur peas. And for supper, CR fired up his magic grill and they made Beer Can Chicken, roasted beets (roasted in the coals), and asparagus risotto (that was made on the stove). Yummity yum yum. And best of all, no dishes to do.


And I got to knit all day long while watching sappy old movies and didn’t feel one bit guilty about it. Worked on “Papa’s Socks” (yes, still. In fact, am running outta yarn–have to make an emergency yarn shop today!), and cast off (after nearly a year in hibernation) my “Something Rum Raisin,” which now just needs sleeves and front/neck bands, so hopefully I’ll be able to have it to wear this summer. Oh yes, and the Bug and I made some delish Peanut Butter Cookies together. Not something we usually get to do lately, so that was a special treat.

The roses co-operated by blooming like crazy. I love these David Austen roses. Insane.

That yellow rose is one plant--can you believe it?

What a lovely day. Though nothing was as lovely as the Bug hug I got when I woke up yesterday, and right before ย I went to sleep. Mother’s Day is still a bit of a bittersweet day, as those of you who know me well understand. Even so, it was lovely and I am blessed beyond words.


2 Responses to “Mother, may I?”

  1. Meg Smith Says:

    Sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day, and you deserve it! I wish I could see a pic of you in those tartan hot pants and bolero. Wooee!! By the way, your roses are GORGEOUS. Oh I’m so jealous. I can almost smell them from here. And you started those from little ol’ bare roots? Amazing! Yes, your family and mother nature were good to you this Mother’s Day. Enjoy the hangover! xoxoxo.


  2. DebbieQ Says:

    Sounds lovely. We spent the day watching The Engaged One and The Almost Son-in-Law graduate from college. It was a fun day.


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