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Finally, here are some pics, thanks to Meggie! April 20, 2010

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Well, with deep gratitude, I’d like to announce that my BFF Meg has done what no Apple genius or very nice tech guy at WordPress was able to do: help me figure out how to download photos with my new Mac! Seems like she knew Firefox would do the trick! So without further jabbering, here’s a peek at some of the stuff on my plate:

The kitchen–now a working kitchen with stuff in the cabinets! No furniture yet, though…

This is a look at the living room. not the greatest shot, but, oh well.

And last, but not least, here are Papa’s birthday socks–halfway done.

Thank you, Meggie!

U R the best!!


Popmuzik! And other stuff I should be doing. April 19, 2010

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Just sitting here trying to get this fab new laptop to bend to my will, swilling coffee, and boppin’ to “Popmuzik” by that 80’s band, M.

What I should be doing is:

1. Folding the Mount Everest of clean laundry I did between coats of paint in the LR this weekend (honestly, how does that kid go through so much clothing in a week? Of course all us moms know it’s because she pulls stuff out and never puts it away, and after it’s been in the hamper a few days, there’s no telling what’s clean or dirty. By then it’s all stinky.)

2. Putting away all the painting paraphernalia. Oh, did I tell you? After smearing nearly 18 different paint samples in various shades of brown, blue, green, gold, and grey, on our living room walls, we chose this loverly shade of pale aqua green-grey called “Bali.” In our LR it’s a bit bluer than the online swatch, kinda like a dirty Tiffany’s box.” Captain Romance stated it was “a bold  choice,” but what is life if I don’t ever do anything bold? In case you’re interested:

3. Paying Bills. I don’t think I need to say anything about that.

4. Reorganizing the Guest Room, the office, our bedroom, and the Bug’s room.

5. Scouring Bathrooms, vacuuming, yada yada.

6. Walking on the treadmill. The pool is smirking at me as I type this. Having had Portillo’s last night for dinner didn’t help.

7. Reading the “Missing Manual” book I bought to help me figure out how the heck to get my photos from iphoto onto this blog, instead of trying random stuff. That trying random stuff always always gets me in trouble. I’ve had to “force quit” Safari twice now since I’m having so much trouble. Good thing I have an appointment this week at the Apple store for a lesson.

8. Finishing Papa’s Birthday Socks. And a couple of other UFO cardigans.

9. Starting a summery shawl. Gotta catch up to Darling Cuz! Hard to sit at Mama and Papa’s house, sip gin and tonics on the porch if I don’t have a shawl to wear! And I keep giving away the shawls I make. 🙂

Well, I figure if I sit here long enough, I’ll be able to add a 10th thing I should be doing to my list: drinking a glass of Pinot and dancing around to “The Look of Love.” Hmm. Like that idea.


Okay, I have a confession… April 12, 2010

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…I love watching Hoarders. Truly a guilty pleasure. Give me some knitting, a drink (hot, cold–doesn’t matter), and I am not gonna move this bottom of mine for the duration. I guess part of the enjoyment is the reassurance that my mess isn’t anywhere near as bad. Problem is lately, five minutes into the show, I start feeling my own mess is starting to look that bad: the way the rooms we’ve been living in the past couple of months are looking (frankly a bit like what I’m seeing on TV–except I must say in my defense I have been throwing actual trash away). Watching, I start getting a little agitated. Plus this leads to thoughts of my yarn stash, all its hiding places, and the realization I need to pack it and all the bedroom junk so we can get new carpeting put down. So lately I guess I get a little more than agitated. Even so, I can’t tear myself away from Hoarders.

But then there was that show last week where I found myself pushed to my breaking point. I almost had to change the channel. Did you happen to see it? Here was this nice, if messy, woman living in New York City amidst piles of stuff. She took the producer and cameraman on a tour through her apartment. Basic hoarder stuff. Then she pulled out a knitting project that’d gone awry. Looked like a lovely lavender afghan with cables and seed stitch. And she said something to the effect “Only a yarn shop should have as much yarn as I do.” Gulp.

Then in the next segment, she welcomed a psychologist into her apartment. They entered the room where her knitting had been abandoned, and immediately the doctor asked her about her hobby, targeting in particular, a small shoebox filled with circular needles.

Sly doctor, she said: “How would you feel if I took these home with me?”

I was leaning forward in my seat, now.

On TV, the woman looked a bit surprised, seemed to choke a bit and said, “Well, that’d be hard…”

“So, why don’t you just pick a few out, and I’ll take the rest with me.”

At this point I was yelling at the TV: “No, no! You need a whole bunch of different sizes! What if you want to start a Clapotis before you finish your throw?”

The woman on TV shrugged, gingerly picked through the box, selected 3 or 4 packages to keep, and handed the rest to the smiling young psychologist while I shouted, “That doctor obviously doesn’t knit! She doesn’t understand that a little shoebox of needles isn’t a hoard!”

Later, I wondered if perhaps the young doctor was smiling because she actually could knit and was making a score of free circular needles…

Just think about it.

So I have another confession: I’ve hardly knitted in the last 2 weeks. Sigh. That means that Papa’s Birthday Socks are stalled at the heel turn, and I haven’t had a chance to start/finish one of the cardigans I have listed in my Ravelry queue or in my knitting basket.

Reason why? Well, new carpeting and the Bug’s room redo aside, the remodel is finished! Hoorah! I’ve been furiously unpacking and cleaning, and the house is in much better, livable shape, however, this is a a bit like the eye of a hurricane. As I mentioned before, I will have to start packing all the books and loose “stuff” in every bedroom. Ah well, a necessary evil, since our carpets look a bit like they’ve been installed here since the house was built.

Anyway, I’d love to give you a peek or three, but you’ll have to wait until Wednesday after my One-to-One appointment at the Apple Store. 🙂

There’s no furniture, yet, anyway. Working on that.

Okay, so my fiber hoarding leads me to a final confession: on Saturday, took the Bug to the 58th Conference of California Handweavers at the Santa Clara Convention Center (yes, also home to Stitches West). We both learned to spin with a drop spindle (the Bug is hooked–I will see if she can figure out how to spin straw into gold, and let you all know how to do it if she does), and I finally bought myself a small folding loom to help me gobble up my SABLE-size  (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy) stash. It’s a Glimraka Emilia–not a kind I’d heard of before, but liked a great deal after it was demonstrated to me.

I always thought I’d get an Ashford, or Kromski; both are really lovely, but a bit pricey. Besides being a little more reasonably priced, the Emilia has a few different features I really liked. I hope, when I actually have the chance to use it, I’ll feel the same way.

Wow. Feels so much better getting all that off my chest.  😉

Better go unpack another box so I don’t feel guilty pulling out my knitting later.


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