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Coming to you, live… March 30, 2010

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…from a new computer! A Macbook Pro, even. Boy, spoiled me.

Seriously, I couldn’t even believe that that old Dell totally, utterly crashed for the third time in, what, 4 or 5 months. And my biggest mistake was not remembering to back it up in the last month–lost what was nearly a chapter of Lore (including some well-needed edits),  along with my updated 2009 business expenses, the remodeling spreadsheets, and a ton of knitting pattern PDFs. Trouble was, with overseeing the remodel, I didn’t really think about backing stuff up, so I’m the dummy here, but hey, the Dell seemed to be working just fine. Who would’ve thought that after I’d paid $500 for the privilege of  sending the dang thing to Somewhere, Texas to be “fixed,”  the stupid computer would have had any more problems–at least I thought it would’ve been great for a while. Well talk about being blind-sided. The hard drive committed suicide; it sounded like it was consuming itself. And then it was no more.

What’s worse, even Captain Romance couldn’t get any other computer in the house to recognize it. Ah well. I’m thinking that perhaps there might be someone or some service out there that could get my old hard drive to give up its goods. Maybe I should just try water-boarding it. 🙂

So like I said, spoiled me…while I was in Chicago for a quick trip home to see my Pops (who was–to our dismay–in the hospital with some heart/blood pressure problems. Scary, but I think he’s doing a bit better now, as long as he rests) and to help out my Mother, my lovely parents took pity and surprised me with a delightful new Mac. So far, I’m just loving it. They also paid for “lessons” and help transferring my files, but it’ll be a couple of weeks before I can indulge myself and take advantage of that service. The other thing is, Bug knows how to use a Mac (her old school had Macs in their computer classes) and she’s helping me.

Boy do I feel old, having her show me how to do stuff. Well, not really old, but you know, I was so set in my ways with the PC. Heck, I still remember most of the DOS commands for Wordperfect. I mean, I learned everything I know on a PC, and nothing on a Mac, though that surprises most of my friends (I guess because they consider me a “creative type.”). For instance, I keep looking for the “backspace” key. You know, the “delete” key on a PC cuts copy in one direction, the “backspace” cuts in the other direction. Sheesh. I keep deleting the wrong stuff.

And then there’s the missing “end” key. And I keep enlarging the type on the display by accident. But I do think, given a little time and some friendly direction, I should be able to make the switch.

Hopefully, by the very next post, I’ll have learned how to download pictures and show you the progress on this old Eichler. Very close, now…


6 Responses to “Coming to you, live…”

  1. Cyndy Says:


    Glad you are up and running again, and on an Apple no less…It’s funny how computer savvy kids are: Melanie learned to turn on the computer and the VCR at age 3, and learned to read by age 4 by trying to read over my shoulder while I was writing emails!

    Also, so happy that you’re Dad is doing better! It is quite a scare when your Dad has heart problems. My Dad had one a few years ago but now he is on meds and doing great!

    Take Care,


  2. Darling Cuz Says:

    Hurray for you! NOTHING more frustrating than a computer that doesn’t do what it ought. We’ve gone from being grateful for erasable typing paper (remember that?) to expecting a miracle from our computers each and every minute of the day. Ah well. Good to see you and I’m glad Uncle Don is doing well — personally, I think he owes it all to you! 🙂 Keep those updates coming. Some of us in the Dark Whirling Vortex rely on your blog for news and good cheer when nothing else will do!


    • kathy Says:

      Yes, erasable typing paper–Yum! I think I spent a small fortune typing my Star Wars sequel (all 189 pps) on it, and that was only the first third. Which reminds me, “testicles…” Only you know the meaning of that one LOL LOL And watch out for that dark whirling vortex–I’ll meet you there for coffee sometime!


  3. Meg Says:

    Rock ON, Apple Girl! I’m glad to hear your dad is on the mend. But poo I’m sad I missed you! You’re coming in for Bristol Renaissance Faire, right? 😉

    I finished TWO knitting projects this week, w00t! I’m in finishing mode.


    • kathy Says:

      Yeah and yippee! finishing! I’m heading right over to Rav to see the pics–I hope there are some there! I’ll try to make the faire, we shall see.


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