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Dust, dust everywhere… March 19, 2010

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…even in your—

Oops, sorry!

The dust seems to be getting to be getting to me; I’ve actually spent the last day or two wiping down the cabinets in the kitchen. It’s starting to look great, but it’s a dirty job. Oh well. It’s a happy job, too. I can’t say how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to be able to fix this old place up. (You know, ironically, this house was built the same year that CR and I were. Which actually makes this a really, really old house. LOL 🙂 Just kidding (a little)). I’m lucky to have this insanely wonderful man doing the work for me who is dependable, asks questions, and treats me like an intelligent human being. I am blessed to have friends who don’t mind terribly that their custom orders are later than ususal, that I am slower than usual returning emails, and that I haven’t invited them for coffee in months. I am also grateful to have CR and his strong muscles, and my cute lil’ Bug to make me laugh. (BTW, in a couple of weeks, I might need you to please remind me about this last point regarding the Bug–she’ll be on Spring Break, and helping me paint her room and her new furniture–yikes).

*This post has been interrupted by the demonic Dell Computer utterly crashing and burning–it’s making sounds like an eleven year old sneaking halloween candy…

Drat. Well, I had a whole big bunch of nonsense to communicate, but it looks like that won’t be happening now. Time to get an Apple. I hope to be posting better things soon. 😦


One Response to “Dust, dust everywhere…”

  1. Meg Says:

    w00t! Get an Apple! You won’t regret it for one second.

    Glad to hear things are moving along dustily. I miss you!


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