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Where do I start? March 10, 2010

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My, my…

Ta dah! We're getting there!

Lots happening, not much time to report it all.


Delicious Yarn Plunder

Stitches West:

–Lily Chin is a great teacher. She’s a little kooky, but then, that was what made her “Short Row Bust Darts” fun.

–Thrilled to shop early at the Thursday Market Opening; overspent a bit (but then, you all knew I would ;).), but wound up getting some really lovely, really unique yarns from some new favorite dyers: Wabi Sabi, for instance. I could’ve really done some damage at that booth, but I took myself in hand and said, “Kathy, control yourself. Besides, you can always buy more online after you get  home and realize you should’ve bought just one more skein of that yummy laceweight.”

Wabi Sabi Yarn colorways are insane! LoveLoveLove

–Finally put some qiviut yarn against my cheek and swooned. Luckily I did this on my way out of the Market and was not even slightly tempted to throw my budget into a major tailspin–okay, I was a little tempted.


–Finished my “Simple Things” shawl/scarf and love it! What a wonderful, mindless way to use up a skein of merino/cashmere sock yarn. So wonderful, in fact, that 2 of the skeins I picked up at Stitches were Merino Cashmere to make a couple more. Great for heavily varigated yarn since most of the pattern is so plain.

–Cast off the body of my Lion-necked Cardi and am starting the sleeves magic loop style. Not thrilled with this method, but I have only one US 10.5 needle and have no reason to buy another, so I have no choice.

–Am making Poppa a pair of socks for his (rapidly) upcoming birthday and challenging myself to make them 2-at-a-time (1st time), toe-up, gusset heel (also 1st time) and my own choice of stitch pattern. Gutsty, huh? So far I have 2 little toes…

Challenging, but fun! Using Shibui Sock--love!


The Bug has finished her first sock for class! The lucky recipient? Moi.


–Finished a bunch of custom jewelry–still working on a couple of pieces, but that’s always the case.

–Made a bunch of Communion Jewelry and some prom jewelry for my two aunts’s new boutique in downtown Naperville, Riverwalk Boutique for their grand opening. Shop is dangerously close to Lou Malnotti’s and some on the best pizza on this earth.

–Have sketched out some new designs to work on ASAP

Home Front:

Spent 3 days painting the living room, kitchen, and front hall ceilings with CR. Now know why Michaelangelo was such a crabass.

–Floors are finished being laid (after I so thoughtlessly ran out of tile–bad me. Should’ve listened better in math class); will be grouted later this week.

–Hood and cooktop are back in place so the glass tile backsplash can be put in.

–Fireplaces almost finished.

–I’m considering buying stock in the company that makes Swiffer Dusters.


4 Responses to “Where do I start?”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    Makes my day when you blog — it’s almost as much fun as a phone call (well, much shorter, anyway!). You are a gorgeous whirlwind of activity, darling cuz! Shawl is absolutely gorgeous — I now want to make one — a KAL? Miss Bug also absolutely gorgeous and a sock knitter to boot — I knew I liked her! And your stash is a pirate booty, to say the least, but I’ve seen you do worse damage….


  2. Meg Says:

    Holy cow, you cover a lot of ground here! Oh my, I see some gorgeous autumn-toned yarns in your booty, er, stash there. Can’t wait to see pics of your finished projects. Love the Simple Things shawl — I’m thinking of making one as well. LOVE your beautiful daughter’s sock/hair/eyes/smile! She’s adorable, just like her mum.

    Hey, I’VE knitted a gusset heel. I don’t think I can offer you any advice or insight about it, but it sure is fun for this hopelessly novice sock knitter to brag a little. 🙂 I’m one tiny little grafted row away from actually finishing one of the kilt hose. That took only, what, one year? 😉 Hope you’re taking time to sip a Starbucks and catch your breath!


    • kathy Says:

      Hey! I can’t wait to see you kilt hose! I must say, that was a mighty ambitious first sock. I wouldn’t worry about how long it took. And when you’ve finished the second one, time to make one for yourself, sweetie!


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