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Coming to you, live… March 30, 2010

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…from a new computer! A Macbook Pro, even. Boy, spoiled me.

Seriously, I couldn’t even believe that that old Dell totally, utterly crashed for the third time in, what, 4 or 5 months. And my biggest mistake was not remembering to back it up in the last month–lost what was nearly a chapter of Lore (including some well-needed edits),  along with my updated 2009 business expenses, the remodeling spreadsheets, and a ton of knitting pattern PDFs. Trouble was, with overseeing the remodel, I didn’t really think about backing stuff up, so I’m the dummy here, but hey, the Dell seemed to be working just fine. Who would’ve thought that after I’d paid $500 for the privilege of  sending the dang thing to Somewhere, Texas to be “fixed,”  the stupid computer would have had any more problems–at least I thought it would’ve been great for a while. Well talk about being blind-sided. The hard drive committed suicide; it sounded like it was consuming itself. And then it was no more.

What’s worse, even Captain Romance couldn’t get any other computer in the house to recognize it. Ah well. I’m thinking that perhaps there might be someone or some service out there that could get my old hard drive to give up its goods. Maybe I should just try water-boarding it. 🙂

So like I said, spoiled me…while I was in Chicago for a quick trip home to see my Pops (who was–to our dismay–in the hospital with some heart/blood pressure problems. Scary, but I think he’s doing a bit better now, as long as he rests) and to help out my Mother, my lovely parents took pity and surprised me with a delightful new Mac. So far, I’m just loving it. They also paid for “lessons” and help transferring my files, but it’ll be a couple of weeks before I can indulge myself and take advantage of that service. The other thing is, Bug knows how to use a Mac (her old school had Macs in their computer classes) and she’s helping me.

Boy do I feel old, having her show me how to do stuff. Well, not really old, but you know, I was so set in my ways with the PC. Heck, I still remember most of the DOS commands for Wordperfect. I mean, I learned everything I know on a PC, and nothing on a Mac, though that surprises most of my friends (I guess because they consider me a “creative type.”). For instance, I keep looking for the “backspace” key. You know, the “delete” key on a PC cuts copy in one direction, the “backspace” cuts in the other direction. Sheesh. I keep deleting the wrong stuff.

And then there’s the missing “end” key. And I keep enlarging the type on the display by accident. But I do think, given a little time and some friendly direction, I should be able to make the switch.

Hopefully, by the very next post, I’ll have learned how to download pictures and show you the progress on this old Eichler. Very close, now…


Dust, dust everywhere… March 19, 2010

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…even in your—

Oops, sorry!

The dust seems to be getting to be getting to me; I’ve actually spent the last day or two wiping down the cabinets in the kitchen. It’s starting to look great, but it’s a dirty job. Oh well. It’s a happy job, too. I can’t say how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to be able to fix this old place up. (You know, ironically, this house was built the same year that CR and I were. Which actually makes this a really, really old house. LOL 🙂 Just kidding (a little)). I’m lucky to have this insanely wonderful man doing the work for me who is dependable, asks questions, and treats me like an intelligent human being. I am blessed to have friends who don’t mind terribly that their custom orders are later than ususal, that I am slower than usual returning emails, and that I haven’t invited them for coffee in months. I am also grateful to have CR and his strong muscles, and my cute lil’ Bug to make me laugh. (BTW, in a couple of weeks, I might need you to please remind me about this last point regarding the Bug–she’ll be on Spring Break, and helping me paint her room and her new furniture–yikes).

*This post has been interrupted by the demonic Dell Computer utterly crashing and burning–it’s making sounds like an eleven year old sneaking halloween candy…

Drat. Well, I had a whole big bunch of nonsense to communicate, but it looks like that won’t be happening now. Time to get an Apple. I hope to be posting better things soon. 😦


Where do I start? March 10, 2010

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My, my…

Ta dah! We're getting there!

Lots happening, not much time to report it all.


Delicious Yarn Plunder

Stitches West:

–Lily Chin is a great teacher. She’s a little kooky, but then, that was what made her “Short Row Bust Darts” fun.

–Thrilled to shop early at the Thursday Market Opening; overspent a bit (but then, you all knew I would ;).), but wound up getting some really lovely, really unique yarns from some new favorite dyers: Wabi Sabi, for instance. I could’ve really done some damage at that booth, but I took myself in hand and said, “Kathy, control yourself. Besides, you can always buy more online after you get  home and realize you should’ve bought just one more skein of that yummy laceweight.”

Wabi Sabi Yarn colorways are insane! LoveLoveLove

–Finally put some qiviut yarn against my cheek and swooned. Luckily I did this on my way out of the Market and was not even slightly tempted to throw my budget into a major tailspin–okay, I was a little tempted.


–Finished my “Simple Things” shawl/scarf and love it! What a wonderful, mindless way to use up a skein of merino/cashmere sock yarn. So wonderful, in fact, that 2 of the skeins I picked up at Stitches were Merino Cashmere to make a couple more. Great for heavily varigated yarn since most of the pattern is so plain.

–Cast off the body of my Lion-necked Cardi and am starting the sleeves magic loop style. Not thrilled with this method, but I have only one US 10.5 needle and have no reason to buy another, so I have no choice.

–Am making Poppa a pair of socks for his (rapidly) upcoming birthday and challenging myself to make them 2-at-a-time (1st time), toe-up, gusset heel (also 1st time) and my own choice of stitch pattern. Gutsty, huh? So far I have 2 little toes…

Challenging, but fun! Using Shibui Sock--love!


The Bug has finished her first sock for class! The lucky recipient? Moi.


–Finished a bunch of custom jewelry–still working on a couple of pieces, but that’s always the case.

–Made a bunch of Communion Jewelry and some prom jewelry for my two aunts’s new boutique in downtown Naperville, Riverwalk Boutique for their grand opening. Shop is dangerously close to Lou Malnotti’s and some on the best pizza on this earth.

–Have sketched out some new designs to work on ASAP

Home Front:

Spent 3 days painting the living room, kitchen, and front hall ceilings with CR. Now know why Michaelangelo was such a crabass.

–Floors are finished being laid (after I so thoughtlessly ran out of tile–bad me. Should’ve listened better in math class); will be grouted later this week.

–Hood and cooktop are back in place so the glass tile backsplash can be put in.

–Fireplaces almost finished.

–I’m considering buying stock in the company that makes Swiffer Dusters.


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