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Bugga…bagged! February 25, 2010

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Got it! That's the new countertop, BTW...

Yes, I knew there was no sense in it when it happened 10 days ago, with Stitches West just a week or so away, but I simply couldn’t help myself. Here’s what happened: while aimlessly perusing The Sanguine Gryphon’s site last week, I noted there were several skeins of —gasp—Bugga merino/cashmere sock yarn available for purchase! “This couldn’t be happening,” I told myself, “just a browser glitch or something.” And to prove it, I put a skein of a lovely blue-green turquoise “Southern Stink Bug” in my cart. Imagine my surprise when it actually did show up in my cart. “Yikes! There is Bugga available!”  And with that I hurried to check out before it escaped. So, after nearly a year of stalking, it arrived in the mail a couple of days ago along with a luscious skein of Gaia Lace Cashmere/silk lace yarn–fabulous stuff–even better than the Bugga, IMHO.

Gaia Lace...yummy!

Of course, ironically, Stitches West starts today!!! This purchase of Bugga did take a nibble out of my budget, but, ah well. it was worth it for the bragging rights and to actually have a skein in my collection. I will say, however, that since my rant last May about not being able to get my hands on any Bugga, I learned that one could actually get this yarn base (Merino/cashmere/Nylon) from several other dyers, among them Handmaiden (Casbah), and Pagewood Farms (Alyska), that are luscious and delightfully dyed. The Bugga, however, is also fabulously dyed, and once I had it in my hands, I understood the infatuation other knitters have with it.

Now, regarding Stitches West, I ran out to the Santa Clara Convention Center this morning to confirm my class registration and so I’d have my badge to wear into the Stitches Market, which opens at 5 pm tonight! My pulse is racing! The bug is coming with me and the nice young fellow who signed me in gave me a guest badge for her. What a sweetie. I already know that I’m not going to $$ much, however I did sloop down to the Market and grab a market brochure, and just before writing this post I marked where I’m going: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Brooks Farm (for Mas Acero for Darling Cuz), Miss Babs, and Webs for Madelinetosh Lace. The other yarn I’d really like to find is the new Madelintosh Merino that is a single ply like Malabrigo. I LOVE Malabrigo, but the color pooling can be annoying, depending on the garment. And seeing the new colors of Maddy Merino at Eat, Sleep, Knit (see my sidebar) make me think that the colors might be more subtle.

The Market Brochure!

I’ll let you know what I come home with! 🙂

Oh yes, and on the Home Front: Counters are in, Limestone Floor is mostly in, and some of the furniture is ordered, though we won’t be able to sit on any of it until the middle of May. Sigh 🙂

Gotta run and shower–3 hours ’til the market opens! Yippee Ki-O!


5 Responses to “Bugga…bagged!”

  1. DeeAnn Says:

    Looking good! Do you ever figure out the electricity for the island?


  2. Cyndy Says:


    Things are starting to look awesome there in your new kitchen!! Hey, are you still able to do jewelry during the remodel? If so, I have a question/possible project for you…..



  3. Meg Says:

    Yeesh, I’m so hopelessly out of touch when it comes to sock yarn, which I sense is a good thing for my bank account. 😉

    Your kitchen looks awesomely cool! Someday, I hope to sip (decaf) coffee in it with you.


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