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Putting Humpty Back Together Again February 19, 2010

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I ran into a pal today who was out walking her cute little dog. She asked me, “So, is the remodel getting to you, yet?”

My answer was, surprising even to me: “Not really.” But honesty, the thing that’s getting me through it is the thought that at the end of all this dust is something that’ll be (I hope) pretty cool. Here’s a peek or two at where the project is so far.

The view from the door...

They’re working on the limestone floors right now. Counters and finishing the bathroom next week. I hope.

...another angle.

Actually, the only thing that’s making me a little insane is the dust. I was warned that it would get everywhere, and whoever told me that was not kidding. But even little dust piles on the cereal boxes and the Progresso soup cans inside my makeshift guest room pantry won’t last forever. Does dust have any nutritional value? Hmm.

And another distraction… just 7 days until Stitches West. Well, actually 6 days. Since I’m registered for a couple of classes, I get to go on Thursday evening for a preview of the Market. That could be a little dangerous, in fact. 🙂


3 Responses to “Putting Humpty Back Together Again”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    Kathy — your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous; you guys are going to enjoy this! Can’t wait to visit and yak and knit in your new “Kathy” coffee/tea lounge area.

    Ah, Stitches!!


  2. Bonnie Says:

    WOW! The makings of something that’s going to be great! I can picture y’all hanging with coffee/crafts. Can’t wait to see the finished project… Best and love to all – Bonnie


  3. Meg Says:

    HOLD IT THERE, MISSY. If you settle into that GORgeous enormous beautiful kitchen, yer never gonna wanna come back to the midwest! Wait, I guess that’s my cue to get my arse on an aeroplane and come to Cali. Can’t wait to see more pictures!


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