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Love among the ruins February 1, 2010

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A girl and her snail…true love.  Actually, we call the Bug “the snail queen” because for some odd reason, snails are drawn to her. Weird.

Also weird, this bit of snail trivia: snails have teeth! At least 10,000. (“Well duh, Kathy. What do you think’s been eating your hosta?”)

More here:

Her name's Suzy. Ain't she cute?

With our house in ruins, there’s not much fun in being indoors. So after CR spent a good bit of time vacuuming the unbelievable piles of dust along every edge of every floor, and even the walls and the backs of the doors, we tackled the task of cleaning the “fish fountain,” out in the front courtyard. Which is where we found Suzy. We’ve had such an overwhelming problem with algae–and I mean we’ve tried everything–that we suspected that after 3 years of fighting, the huge goldfish we had in there finally sucumbed to that miserable green stuff. Sure enough, there were no fish in the fountain. Very sad. On the other hand, the Bug will probably get a few in a small tropical fish in an aquarium after we remodel her room.

Oh yes, and hopefully we’ll each get a  kitten, too, when we’re finished with the remodel. I miss my Foozle so much. I see here everywhere, it seems. In the corner of the bedroom very early in the morning, I could swear I see her curled up there, sleeping, since that was one of her special spots. After I catch my breath and wake up a little, I realize it’s just my slippers. Sigh. I miss that little monster.

So the remodel is going along fairly steadily. No complaints here. I’m just anxious to see it all finished. I know that this whole process is basically an exercise in learning patience for me. Now’s when I wish I were a strong guy who could do some of this work myself so I could get it going, as well as do it the way I want without any discussion. Such a control freak, I am.

It’s pretty amazing to see this old place stripped done to the bare bones.

Kitchen, sans cabinets

Fascinating. Must be how a med student must feel when they first start studying physiology with a cadaever. I mean, just look at these amazing old fireplaces…it amazes me that the guy we bought this house from felt compelled to cover these fireplaces, so appropriate to the house and its style, with white marble and black granite. So 80’s. And not in a good way. Whatever. I just feel bad that the faces of these fireplaces are covered in this horrid adhesive that won’t come off, no matter what, so we’re going to cover them with this stuff called “stacked Virginia ledgestone.” Here’s a preview:

Of course we won’t be building a flatscreen into it. We don’t even  own a flatscreen yet. But I digress.

Anyway, it’s going along fine; I’m spending all kinds of quality time with my new BFFs the electrician and the contractor. Come by and meet them if you like. 🙂 I’ll be here writing and catching up on some new jewelry designs, and looking for a good excuse to take a break and show you around.


One Response to “Love among the ruins”

  1. Meg Says:

    Ooooooh, the picture of those snail teeth is creepy! But a VERY cool article. Snails, of course, don’t know that they are devouring our gardens — they just think they’re having lunch (24 hours a day, or so). Suzy is an impressive and lovely snail, just like your Buglet.


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