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A rebirth for our Eichler! January 25, 2010

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The sound and dust in here is incredible.  Who knew 3 men with big hammers and a wee jackhammer could make such noise, and a big mess, too. I’ve never gone through this before, but I must say, it’s exhilirating. I love seeing this place stripped down to it’s original bones. Wonderful. It’s like it’s being reborn or something..

Oh yes. We found some treasure.


CR was running around with the camera, snapping shots of this and that, when he said “Hey, you’ve gotta see this!” This amazing wallpaper was on the wall behind my kitchen desk and the shelves above it. Never would’ve guessed.  I’m definitely going to do something with it. Like frame a bit of it, or something like that. 

The horrible, slippery, fake marble tile that was behind the terrible ankle sprain I suffered last spring is no more. I am vindicated at last. The Hall bathroom that never seemed to be clean no matter how much bathroom cleaner I used…gone. Yippee and yahooey! 🙂

From this... this!

The awful marble and granite fireplaces that’d been glued to the original (and far more appropriate) red brick, demolished. Took these guys about 2 hours just to get that marble sucker down. The contractor commented to me that it had been installed well.  I feel bad that the fireplaces can’t be restored to the original red brick, however, I think the new stacked ledgestone will look hot. Mod without being cold and modern.

Anyway, all this helps to take my mind off the fact that the Bug left on a 5 day, 4 night school ski trip this morning. Sigh. I miss her already. At least she’ll miss all this chaos. Loud noise has always bothered her greatly. She still even closes her door when I vacuum. This would make her nuts.

Well, I don’t know if I’ll get much knitting done today. I do have to start working on my “homework” for the 2 classes I signed up to take at the upcoming Stitches West.  Can’t wait for that, either!

I’m so happy I don’t have to make dinner tonight!


One Response to “A rebirth for our Eichler!”

  1. Meg Says:

    Wow! What rooms are you actually living in during this deconstruction/remodeling? I applaud your fortitude. And keep those before and after pics coming!

    The walpaper is truly grooooooovy — the original harvest gold. That could look very cool framed and hung in your “new” home.

    Keep your sanity, Lady K!


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