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Back with a vengence January 17, 2010

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So, after a long (l o n g)  month without Kermit (that’s what I named my laptop–don’t ask. He sputttered one last breath before his screen blacked out for good and  I had to send him back to Dell to be fixed for a ghastly amount of $$),  I am so happy to be able to post a quickie blog to just let you all know I haven’t died, moved, divorced, sold myself into slavery, or otherwise flown the coop. Although we all have moments when we’d like to do that, right? Anyway, I must say that those first 2 weeks without Kermie were unbelievably difficult. I felt like an addict without my fix.  I’m the first to admit that being online makes the time fly, and I really could spend all day sitting and writing my fantasy novel, which turns time into hyperspace for me.

And of course we have this old dinosaur of a computer sitting way back in the office, and yes, I did use it occasionally to check on what was happening with school (since that’s the main way those parents communicate), but primadonna me couldn’t stand being shut away in the back of the house, or typing on that old, stiff keyboard. I was amazed at how many typos I could make in just one sentence due to the ever-so-slight change in key spacing. I just didn’t want to type anything I didn’t absolutely have to.

Plus, without my hard drive and its pictures, I couldn’t add any visual yumminess to my rantings. and frankly, what is a blog without pictures? I mean, occasionally it’s okay. Like if you’re in the hospital, or someone steals your camera.

To that end, here’s a picture or 2 of my current  life:

okay, this doesn't really capture the chaos. I was trying to get a "before" shot of the LR

 Messy, huh?After months of planning, interviewing, ordering, and packing, the walls are set to come down around us in the next week. Luckily we have new  roof to hold it all together. That was the first phase.  That and 1/2 the electrical stuff. The electrician is now my new best pal. His new baby is the kiddo I made those adorable socks for a couple of posts back.

We still have some furniture to remove from the house (anyone want to buy a fabulous couch?), a couple of pots and pans to pack, but overall, things do not look too bad. But it is a mess in here. Luckily our PODS pod showed up yesterday and CR used his strong muscles to load the 40-something boxes of kitchen/LR crap inside.  Honestly, how does one accumulate 40+ boxes of stuff? In just 2 rooms? No mainly one room. 

I can easily recall those days of my youth when I travelled from apartment to apartment relatively unincumbered by stuff. 6 or 7 boxes of kitchen stuff. In fact, back then, the bulk of my stuff came from my closet and bathroom.  Is that a sad confession, or what?

I have to admit, I have used the time packing up here to really clear out the unnecessary stuff I’ve collected over time, thinking I’d use it eventually. The things I felt the worst about clearing out were things that were gifts or from relatives who’ve since passed away. And there were a few of those items which I couldn’t part with. But I do feel lighter and happier I won’t have to unpack those things I didn’t want when the time comes to move it all back in. The only thing that I have a ton of still that’s remained a constant are books. And between the Bug and I, we parted with around 17 or 18 bags of books. So sad. But so necessary.  Seventeen bags to the library and goodwill. And I still have tons lining the shelves that CR built for my birthday years ago. I feel like that old lady who gets burned with her books in the wonderful Ray Bradbury novel, Farenheit 451.

One book I’m so glad I kept is a wonderful, energizing and encouraging book by a woman named Karen Kingston. The book is called: Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. This book is amazing at making me want to just haul everything out to the curb. Even if the Feng Shui part is not your thing. Last January, after reading this little book, I cleared 7 big black plastic bags out of my capacious linen closet, 3 of which were simply garbage–expired drug things and old old shampoo–as well as king size bed linen and towels and blankets I’d never liked. I felt like I’d lost like, 20 lbs. 

On the knitting front, I did indeed finish one of my presents in time for Christmas: The Sir Lancelot Shawl for papa. Of course he’d forgotten he’d asked me to mak one for him, but he still loved it anyway. And I loved knitting it.

folded and waiting for papa...

I’m nearing completion on my Broadripple socks. Then I’m going to pick up one of my UFOs to work on while the house is in chaos. It occurred to me earlier this morning that I’d better plan out my knitting for the next 6 weeks or so, since I may not be able to access my yarn (gasp!). 

Hopefully my next post will show some real progress on the house, and I will not be insane because of it. I’m just so excited to fix up this house I can’t stand it.

All I ask is that you don’t laugh too hard at me when next we meet and you see I’m covered in construction dust, and my shirt’s on inside out and backwards.

The Bug and CR in the snow on New Year's Eve

Anyway, here’s wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with fun, happiness, and lots of new opportunities to enjoy life!


3 Responses to “Back with a vengence”

  1. Cyndy Linebarger Says:


    It IS good to have you back and blogging again! I really like your “rants and raves” and your great take on the things going on around you. I would be lost without my laptop, too! Bravo for reducing your clutter, that is something I am trying to do better. Sounds like your remodel is really getting underway, too…how exciting!

    Thanks again for your thoughtful visit to Melanie the other day and she really is enjoying your fun gifts! Yesterday we decorated her Birthday cake using the delightful jelly bellys you sent her. They made beautiful flower petals around the cupcake flowers we put on the cake! You really are so thoughtful….thanks for everything!!! She is doing great now and happy to be an exclusive member of that club we also belong to: Gals Without Gallbladders! (Heck, who needs ’em?)

    Take Care!



  2. Darling Cuz Says:

    Hurrah, a post! Let me just say the following:

    1) So glad you blogged!
    2) The Sir Lancelot Shawl (frankly, I would have named it King Arthur if I was giving it to your DOD, but that’s just me!) is absolutely gorgeous. Love love love those greys and taupes as much or more than all the pinks and reds and purples of the same — very subtle. Gorgeous. Noro? Wonder if there’s a more reasonable yarn to knit another one …Also, now that I’m seeing your fringe, I’m going to break down and fringe away…
    3. Excited for your house, but love your before too!
    4. Adorable picture of your two loves. Made me smile all day.


  3. Meg Says:

    WOW, what an undertaking this is! It’s like you’re moving, only not. I hope the clearing out part was therapeutic for you — we are in the process of getting rid of stuff we’ve been hanging on to, as well as organizing the basement. My brain always feels so much clearer once we make a significant donation (or garbage dump) of old stuff.

    I noticed the Vogue Knitting mag and yoga book on your coffee table. A couple of tools for keeping your mental health during this renovation? Hang in there, girlie. It’s good to see you back on your blog! And I agree with Darling Cuz — great picture of your two loved ones in the snow! Hugs.


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