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New tricks for an old dog December 6, 2009

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Well I’ve had the opportunity to learn all sorts of new things recently. Mainly because I’ve had all sorts of mishaps the last few weeks. Nothing really major. Mostly inconvenient, although nowadays an inconvenience can be major hassle.

For instance, the computer virus snafu of a month ago that CR fixed, ended up requiring completely reinstalling all my programs.  Luckily, CR did most of this for me, and honestly, I did know how to do this because I set the laptop up myself when I got it two years ago. Still, finding where all my files, pictures, and favorite sites had gone to was the most frustrating game of hide and seek of all time. Thanks to CR, they were located. And now for some unexplained reason, whenever this laptop feels like it, the screen shuts down. To get the screen back requires a restart of the computer, and although the long-suffering CR keeps attempting to figure out why the computer does this, it is the one thing he hasn’t been able to figure out (this doesn’t happen to him often–he always figures stuff out). Why doesn’t he call Dell and ask what might be a problem you might ask? I can only think that this is something like the male refusal to stop at the gas station and ask for directions when lost.

But I digress.

So for my second trick.

Wee merino baby socks...

Here we see a wee pair of socks. Baby socks made from the most delightfully soft merino Shibui Sock yarn. I used the free pattern “High Energy Baby Socks” by Jodi Green. Made ’em in a day and a half for my electrician’s new baby.  I love making baby things. Love, love, love. They go fast, let me use small amounts of delicious fibers, and nearly always fit. Or at least grow into.

This pattern was super fun, and easy. And it gave me a chance to try making a picot edge differently than I’d done before. Unfortunately, I screwed it up doing the first sock, and didn’t realize how bad it was until I started the 2nd sock.

Which leads me to my third trick.

Snip snip. Rip rip.

I decided to cut and rip out the top of the sock and reknit it going the other direction. I figured if I screwed it up, I’d have to knit another one anyway. So I gritted my teeth and cut. And ripped. And reknit. And it worked. Yippee! 🙂

Meanwhile, I started (finally) on my dad’s Sir Lancelot Shawl. At this point I’m about one third finished; I’ll probably have to finish it in Chicago. Oh well, it’ll take care of my concern about what to being along to knit, although I’ll likely bring along a skein of sock yarn and a pattern for either a shawl, a beret, or (gasp) some socks. I’ve been dying to make a pair of socks from Wendy D. Johnson’s “Socks from the Toe Up.”  There are at least 5 patterns I’d like to make, but even her “Dead Simple Lace Socks” would make me happy. I’ve made a pair of toe ups, and wasn’t happy with the way the bind off ended up looking all stretched out and floppy. But she gives a few different cast offs that I hope will work better than the very loose  cast off I did for the other socks.

For papa

I’m a little bummed I won’t have time to even start the Teensy February Lady Sweater for the Bug’s American Girl doll to match hers. I picked up another skein of DIC Classy in Blue Lagoon at my LYS’s Pajama Jammie Jam Black Friday Sale, along with a few colorways of Shibui Sock, since I fell in love with it working on those baby socks. 35% off, plus, I got to use my birthday gift certificate from CR and the Bug, as well as some well-earned jewelry-making bucks.

Well, I need to type up the inventory for the list of new jewels I’m dropping off to Retreat Salon and Spa tomorrow, and I’d better do so while the screen still works! Happy getting ready for the Holidays!


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