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Been a long time… November 13, 2009

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Well, not all that long, but you all know I like to post at least once or twice a week.

I’ve been wanting to post for days now, and although I’d like to blame all the work I”ve been doing for my jewelry open house tomorrow, I had a worse reason not to be able to post.

My laptop got smacked by a rogue program—specifically “Active Security.” What a pain. Totally wiped out my computer! Thankfully, Captain Romance is my hero when it comes to computer ills. So even after I spent on the phone with a very nice lady from McAfee trying to fix this mess (she gave up and said this was a problem for her supervisor), CR leaped into the fray and slayed the evil dragon churning inside my computer. Yipee.

Except at this moment I’m having a horrifying revelation that all my pictures are missing. Oh. my. God.

I wish I could sue those jerks at Active Security. What the heck is wrong with people  that makes them think that it’s okay for them to do **** like that to other people?!

Oh well, on the knitting front, the very fun, very cool Broadripple sock (yes, it’s still the first one; I’ve been making jewelry and meeting with contractors!) are up to the toe and I plan to finish it on this Sunday morning.

Hope you can make it to my show!!

With any luck, a nice looong post on Monday!


3 Responses to “Been a long time…”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    Ooooh, a new post!! Sorry for your hardships — you don’t know how much you rely on these &*%$ computers until you can’t get what you want out of them! Glad to see you’re up and running again, hope you find your pictures. I think it’s probably time for all of us technophobes (at least we like to think we are, secretly we LOOOOOVVVE our computers!) to…back up our work!! Hope your show went well!


  2. Darling Cuz Says:

    Thanks Captain Romance. So it’s true — Rudy can’t fail!


  3. Meg Says:

    Time for you to get a Mac, sister! The worst thing that will ever happen to you if you have an Apple computer is … you’ll never want to stop using it. And you will not ever ever have to worry about viruses. Ever. I can virtually guarantee that. 🙂 And … I “” this on your behalf. Isn’t it interesting how it’s the photos we mourn the most if they are lost? I hope your open house was a blazing success! Oh, and can’t wait to see PHOTOS of your new jewels, hint hint!


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