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Baked Apples and Market Spice Tea. Mmmm… October 23, 2009

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Yum! Sweet, sticky, warm!

Yum! Sweet, sticky, warm!

Yesterday I came home from taking the Bug to the dentist and found a wonderful surprise! A package from my BFF Meggie!

It was so sweet and clever, filled with lovely fall leaves from my beloved Chicagoland, adorable  Halloween napkins, a delightful Vintage Halloween postcard, and, best of all, a bag of my favorite tea on earth—Market Spice Tea from Casteel Coffee on Central street in Evanston (  Thank you, darling girl!!

What fun! This required making Baked Apples for dessert last night to have with the tea. Bug gave the whole sweet, sticky, spicy experience 2 thumbs up! You’d think Chuck Yeager was my daughter.

So, thank you, darling friend, for the delightful gift and the inspiration to bake a little.

Listen, dear readers, if you want true inspiration for making wonderful things to eat, you mustmustmust check out my Meg’s blog—A Place in the Country— Do it!! 🙂

broadsock2Anyway, took time out last night from a day spent making rings to work on my Broadripple Socks. I love how easy the pattern is and fast it’s knitting up! And I lovelovelove the Blue Moon Fibers Rooster Rock colorway—see it here–

Picked up CR’s Christmas Sweater and—gaak—it took one hour to do 4 loooong rows. I think it was a combination of big needles that hurt my hands, thick yarn that isn’t very strong which makes me more careful with how hard I manipulate the stitches, and a riveting episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” (they were picking the top 20 dancers, what can I say?).crsweater

I’ve never completely mastered the “knitting without looking” technique. Perhaps this will be the project where I finally learn. I mean, I know how, I just never feel really confident about it. But with straight stockinette, I should be able to handle it. We shall see.


2 Responses to “Baked Apples and Market Spice Tea. Mmmm…”

  1. Cyndy Says:


    O.k., that posting is responsible for the puddle of saliva on my desk! What beautiful photos and yummy dessert ideas. I just love the Fall!

    I will check out your friend Meg’s website as I am a Country gal at heart….



  2. Meg Says:

    Oh, I am so honored to be mentioned on your wonderful bloggy! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the package. That tea has filled my house with lovely homey fragrances even without brewing it. Always reminds of of Third Coast Cafe. You have inspired ME to make baked apples this weekend (and Caramel Apple Cookies which, yes, I will blog about). Your knitting WIPS look fab. I wish I could be there with you and Buglet, sipping tea, eating baked apples, and knitting knitting knitting! (sigh)


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