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Monogamy…under-rated? October 15, 2009

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I’ve always been of the mind that for me,  monogamy was/is/forever will be the way to go. No question. No monogamy=no integrity

But project monogamy? Well, there you may well see my capricious side at its undone best er, worst, I mean.

Here, I feel a sin coming on. Seriously, how could I possibly ignore a smushy, softy, merino-y cake of yarn, brilliantly colored by Madame Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts fame named “Crabby McHappyPants?” Seriously.  Just take a look:

So much better in person...

So much better in person...

Wound it all, even though I could hardly stand up

Wound it all, even though I could hardly stand up

This delightful colorway, along with another 2 scrumdillyicious colors I’ve been lusting after since my last Stitches West safari ran out of funding–“Rooster Rock” and Lettuce Knit”–arrived on my doorstep last week when this feverish knitter really needed a pick-me-up. Fueled by the discovery of a few new (free Rav and Knitty) patterns, and the lovely book by Wendy D. Johnson, “Socks from the Toe-up,” I find my willpower vanquished yet again.

Find this lovely book here

Even though I tried and didn’t love making a pair this way, this book has me rethinking the idea…

Well, at least I’m nearly finished with my February Girlie Sweater. Just 10 pattern repeats and 14 rounds of garter stitch to go. DSCN0085

And being very nearly monogamous on this project has helped me finish it sooner. No question. This was pointed out to me by my darling cuz just a few days ago. She always makes such good sense to me.

So perhaps I’ll finish my Composed mitts and Dancing Poppies Scarf, and CR sweater before casting on anything else…

We shall see.

Speaking of endings…this is the last post for the earring contest. earring contest

Today at 12 midnight (Pacific Time, givin’ you guys who live east of me even a little more time) I close the books. It’s a close race. Neck in neck, or perhaps, ear in ear.


6 Responses to “Monogamy…under-rated?”

  1. Cyndy Says:

    Oh Kathy, I love your postings! You are, of course, eloquent as usual. However, I have some sad news to share with you….Last Friday as I was rushing around packing for my HS Girlfriends reunion in Santa Cruz, I accidentally dropped one of my Talisman rocks earrings into the sink. There, it hung, precipitously just at the drain level. I tried to carefully grab it, but it slipped away just as I touched it and fell down into the cavernous S-turns of the plumbing pipe below…….SOooooo mad at myself. So, i am wondering….could you possibly make me a mate for the earrings that Shelly gave us as gifts at Natasha’s shower? I’m hoping that you remember how to make them by heart, you made quite a few…..Anyway, if you are not too busy, that is, I would love to buy a replacement from you!!

    Take Care, Mon Amie! I am glad that you and Bug are feeling more chipper now!



    • kathy Says:

      What a bummer about your earring! I hate when that happens! I’ll be happy to make you another–no need to buy it. I do recall what it looks like, but to make them match (length and all that stuff) I really should get the other for comparison. Maybe we can meet to knit (Shelly, too, if she’d like) and I can pick it up for you.

      Thanks for all the kind wishes!


      • Cyndy Says:


        That would be fun to meet with you and Shelly to knit or just chat. I am not really knitting much this season…Are you completely over the flu yet? I hope so! It seems to making slow inroads into our school, so I am trying my best to avoid it…Is Isabelle still at home, or did she get to return to school already? Take Care, and stay well now…

        Hope to see you sometime soon!


  2. Meg Says:

    If I lose an earring can we meet and knit too? Wait, forget it — if I lost one of your earrings I would be too heartbroken to ever knit again!

    It sounds like you might be on the mend, which I’m glad to hear. Well enough, anyway, to wind a lovely skein of yarn with the weirdest freakin’ name I’ve ever heard! But those are gonna be some cool*ss socks so get started missy. Monogamy schmonogamy. It’s only knitting. 🙂


    • kathy Says:

      Hi Darlin!
      Oh that I could meet you for knitting! Yes, I’m slowly on the mend; still have a weensy temperature, but much better! Thank you for all your well-wishing! 😡 (that’s a kiss from me–LOL)
      Yeah, the name is wacky, but I couldn’t resist. I love it, the name, the color, all of it.
      Something will happen soon, anyway. I can hear it whimpering from its little basket at night. Like a puppy.


      • Meg Says:

        Oh GAWD. I know that whimpering sound! From a real puppy it tugs the heartstrings. From a ball of yarn? It could probably make me neglect housework for a week. 🙂


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