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Pick a little, talk a little September 18, 2009

Filed under: knitting — kathy @ 12:16 pm

So I finally cast on for my “Self-Composed Mitts” yesterday. I’ve been waiting, like, for 2 years to get to this.

Ready and waiting for me and my Chicago coffee mug...

Ready and waiting for me and my Chicago coffee mug...

Unfortunately, I also chose this pattern to learn how to do the Magic Loop method of knitting in the round. Well let me say that this pattern and yarn combo were not the place to learn this technique. After 7 attempts at starting, I decided to just go back to my regular, 2 circulars method. You see, I totally got how it worked, but the combo of the Elann Pure Alpaca Fina (verrry hairy, and verrry splitty) and the inclusion of a bobble inserted in the very first stitch (and every 5 stitches in the first row), made for a mess crazy enough to require a gin and tonic, and a laundry-folding, dinner-making break before I admitted defeat. I’ll definitely try that method again, but I’m gonna do it on a plainish pair of socks with more of a light worsted weight yarn.

Well after I got restarted last night, I went 15 rows before I dragged my sorry tired bottom to bed around 12:30 or so. Bad me. But I did remember how much of a kick I get outta doing Fair Isle. And I found that I could make good progress holding the 2 yarns in one hand and picking the yarns as I went along, as opposed to throwing one color with the right hand, and picking another color from the left.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture...some of it's the yarn's fault :)

Sorry about the fuzzy picture...some of it's the yarn's fault 🙂

I’d like to learn this way, too. But I decided that this time, I’d just go with the one hand picking.

I’m just happy to get to be working on this finally. It’s like entrelac, a bit, in that once you get going, you just want to do another row to see how the colors change and the pattern appears. Like I said, kept me up late.

Oh yeah, and in case you wondered about my heading “Pick a little, talk a little,” and couldn’t recall where you heard it before, I borrowed it from that wonderful old musical, “The Music Man.” 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to post your comments to win those earrings!


12 Responses to “Pick a little, talk a little”

  1. Cyndy Says:


    You are so funny…quite the witty knitter! I liked your title and I immediately got it, ’cause I loved the Music Man movie! I can’t believe how many projects you have going and I am quite impressed with your many talents! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for keeping us in “stitches”!



    • kathy Says:

      Thanks for reading, honey!
      I’m actually rather embarrassed about how many projects I have on the needles, but Christmas is coming…
      Have a great weekend, too!


      • Cyndy Linebarger Says:

        Hi Kathy~

        I was looking at the picture of you and Isabel…She is growing into such a beautiful girl, and I was wondering how the backpacking trip went with her Dad that was happening the same weekend of your last Talisman Rocks party…did she have fun?

        You and I and Shelly should get together sometime for tea/coffee or dinner (I don’t get much of a lunch break!)



  2. Meg Says:

    It’s one thing to knit in the round (I’m managing Kenny’s kilt hose using the magic loop, but it’s pretty straightforward knitting), and another thing to knit fair isle (which I haven’t even attempted yet), but FAIR ISLE IN THE ROUND? That sounds like it calls for an IV drip if gin-and-tonic throughout the entire project! The mits are so cute, and I salute you for adding them to your to do list. Maybe someday I’ll try something really tricky — like a pair of gloves!


  3. kathy Says:

    Girlie! I think I need your guidance on that magic loop thingy. It seemed okay, but you should’ve seen those bobbles spinning around the cables…sheesh.
    You would’ve laughed your head off at me!!


  4. Darling Cuz Says:

    As Elizabeth Zimmerman says, go into a quiet corner and figure this out (whatever it is!) Sound advice — nothing worse than trying to learn complicated knitting techniques when you’re tired, fried or cranky (not that you’ve ever been ANY of those that I know of!). Coffee is a good start!


  5. Alcyone Says:

    As you know, I do not knit. BUT I know what its like to stay up wanting/needing to finish something and being so tired that your eyes are closing. Actually this happens quite frequently in class when I’m so very tired and I have to stay up and pay attention instead of letting my head fall on the table! Anyway…one more post closer to winning MY earrrrrrings!
    ps pick a little talk a little is a phrase/song i sing almost daily especially when our bird friends are doing just that. You can ask my mom about the birds that live in our vines.


  6. Cyndy Says:

    Happy Monday, Kathy!

    When will you write again? I love your blog!



  7. Alcyone Says:

    Happy Tuesday! I really don’t like Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, so until Friday… Happy Tuesday!

    I hope today was less stressful for you than mine was. I’m jealous of your cali-ness, and I am going to beg my MOM to take me next time she goes out there!


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