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I see UFOs (and a contest!) September 16, 2009

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So, it’s that time of year again. That time of year when I think (in my typical Pollyana way) that I can make a couple of Christmas presents for the guys in my life (by Christmas), as well as knit on my current UFOs, finish a couple of custom orders, get ready for my huge holiday jewelry open house, update my Etsy store, and all the typical school stuff for the Bug, not to mention keeping this house fairly dust bunny-free and stocked with stuff to munch on.

And now I’ve upped the ante like, 1000%. We’re gonna start working on remodeling this old Eichler (which, coincidentally as old as CR and I both). God knows it needs it. Those of you who’ve been here know well the drawer with the wine corks as pulls. That’s only the beginning of it. Along with a (mostly) new kitchen, we need a bathroom, new floors, new electrical, and a new roof.  Sheesh.

Here we go...

Here we go…

I must be insane.

Well, at least I’ll have my fiber to keep me distracted when I’m desperate for a distraction.

Actually, I must admit I’m pretty excited about the prospect of making this house look the way it’s supposed to look. It’ll be great when it’s finished. The thing that’s daunting is packing up my life and finding someplace to put it. Ah well. It’ll all be worth it.


The February Girlie sweater for Bug is finally starting to look like a sweater. Problem is, here’s where I start getting bored with most every sweater I start. Here’s where I need to dig in and push through the malaise to prevent having yet another UFO.

It's starting to look like a sweater!

It’s starting to look like a sweater!

See, here are the things I’d like to start, two for Christmas, one for me:

A “Smokin'” Sweater for CR,

Smokin' Sweater for a Smokin' Guy

Smokin’ Sweater for a Smokin’ Guy

An”Eleanor” shawl for Poppa,


Mine, all mine!




Talisman Rocks Tiny Dancer Earrings

Talisman Rocks Tiny Dancer Earrings



I promised a contest, so here it is…You can win this delightful pair of TALISMAN ROCKS autumn-colored earrings (for yourself, or a present for a deserving friend) simply by reading my posts and commenting. On October 16th, one month from today, September 16th, I will count up all the comments for each reader, and the reader who posts the most comments, wins. By-the-way, anonymous posts will not be counted.I made these Tiny Dancer earrings with some of my favorite, fall-colored semiprecious stones and metals: Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Gold-fill wire and Gold Vermeil. Amber is said to be calming and promotes positive energy, while tiger’s eye attracts wealth and good luck. Read more about gemstone meanings at luck! Tiny Dancer Earrings–Enter and Win!


11 Responses to “I see UFOs (and a contest!)”

  1. Meg Says:

    This contest is too easy! Shouldn’t we have to create a limerick or something? Your kitchen is WAY COOL. Is that a cool*ss green lamp hanging from the ceiling? WAY cool!! You’re sounding mighty ambitious, sweetie, but you’ll do it because you are a SuperGoddess. I can’t wait to see the mitts. I still have to learn fair isle knitting. Yeah, someday.


    • victoria Smith Says:

      Meg Evans directed me to your site.
      I’d like to say that I am really fond of the sweater! One of my fav colors. There is something very special about a hand made sweater. I have my Mothers pale yellow hand knitt that is 20 years old and a little to small for me LOL but just can’t bring myself to part with it since she just passed away this Feb. Great memories of that sweater.
      Anyway, I am envious of your talent, I wish that I had the patience to do that.


      • kathy Says:

        Welcome, Victoria!
        Thanks for the kind words. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother, and I agree that handknits are a great way to keep warm memories close. It’s wonderful that you have that sweater still!


  2. Laura Young Says:

    I love that you knit. The blue sweater you have started is lovely and how nice to have friends with like interests. Kind of like a quilting bee! On the remodel, I feel for you. We’ve been doing projects for the last 15 years! Never ends, but keeps you on your toes. Glad to have found your blog so I can keep up with you and WIN your fabulous earrings. Those I’ve seen on Etsy are fantastic! You are a great talent Kathy.


  3. Darlin Cuz Says:

    Thanks for updating! Do all the visits I make to your blog to see if it’s updated count? Anyway, I would gladly BUY those earrings — I’m wearing a pair of your chandeliers w/ the green stones, my FAVORITE earrings of all time as we speak!

    OK, it’s true. You are insane. I know you love the Lady, but making it for the Lord in time for Xmas might push you over the edge. Is the smokin sweater a new pattern, or just named after CR? Love the yarn, by the way AND you’re going to renovate the house? Well, anyone can pull it off, it will be you, mi amour.

    As for the Girlie — the lace is just enough to keep you going. I’m on the sleeves now, which are hellacious — 12″ circulars don’t exist as far as I can tell, and dpn’s are enough to make you drive one into your eye on a good day. I’m using the magic loop method, which makes it a little less frustrating. Love the teal — it’s going to be a beauty.


  4. Cyndy Linebarger Says:

    H Kathy~

    I just love seeing all the creative projects you are up to, and I think you are amazing! All that, plus a house remodel and you will be busy; but it will be well worth it! I don’t know if I can remember to write a comment every day on your site, but the earrings you made are beautiful, and I will come to your Open House in November and buy a pair like them! I hope you are not too busy to have one this year!

    Cyndy L.


  5. Meg Says:

    Are we, like, totally pathetic earring ho’s? 😉


  6. Alcyone Says:

    Hey Kathy! Those earrings are gooorgeous!! I love them. I always forget that you make jewlery! These ladies better watch out!


  7. Cyndy Linebarger Says:

    Hi Kathy! I’m ba-a-ack again. I didn’t think I would remember two days in a row, but I did! I sense that this contest is not going to be any easy one, but I can’t help it…I love a challenge!

    XO Happy Friday tomorrow! I hope you have a great weekend!


    p.s. Why isn’t Shelly doing this? She is a GI-NORMOUS fan!!


  8. Darling Cuz Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday! Did you see how your wonderful friend Meg advertised for you? Maybe she deserves the earrings…


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